Athletics NZ weekly round-up 28 November

By Athletics New Zealand @AthleticsNZ


Athletics Auckland Meeting, Mt Smart Stadium – 26 November 2016
Olivia McTaggart added a further eight centimetres to her recent New Zealand under 17 pole vault record with a world class clearance of 4.30m. This makes her the top 16 year old in the world this year and third in the world youth rankings. McTaggart is now ranked fourth on the New Zealand women’s all-time list behind Eliza McCartney, Melina Hamilton and Jenni Dryburgh. McTaggart came in at 3.70m, and progressed to second attempt at 3.90m, first clearance at 4.00m, third attempt at 4.10m, second at 4.20m and third at 4.30m. Hannah Philpot increased her PB by 10cm to 3.90m.
Fiona Morrison won the 100m in 12.19 (+3.1) and the 100m hurdles in 13.65 (+1.4). This time compares well with her New Zealand resident record of 13.21 in winning the national title in Dunedin in March. National sprint hurdles champion Joshua Hawkins also showed fine form early in the season clocking 13.99 over 110m hurdles with a slight tail wind of 2.2mps. James Sandilands who has earlier won the 100m in 11.14 (+2.2) was second in the hurdles with 14.72. Dominic Overend U/18 had a legal 13.85 in the 100m hurdles. Oliver Miller (17) came within a second of the New Zealand under 18 300m hurdles record with his winning time of 37.82.

Alana Barber with no competition recorded 13:25.54 in the 3000m race walk. Barber holds the New Zealand allcomers and resident record of 13:10.73. Laura Langley was a minute outside the New Zealand under 20 record with her time of 14:41.44. Erin Talcott set an American masters 35-39 age group record of 13:56.72.
Kamal Patwalia was the fastest over 100m in 10.97 (+2.6). Jacob Holmes won the 3000m in 8:50.97 from Andrew Catley 8:51.68. Jermaine Malaga was out to a PB 53.53m in the U/18 javelin throw.
New Zealand triple jump champion Ebuka Okpala TJ 14.34m (+0.7), David Van Den Bogaard TJ 14.06m (+3.0). Hamish Kerr of Palmerston North cleared 2.10m in the high jump while Nicholas Southgate was over at 5.00m in the pole vault with Jack Henry clearing 4.70m.
Olivia Burne won the 800m in 2:16.29 and later in the day won the 3000m in 9:45.73 mx. Kayla Goodwin was impressive in the 80m hurdles in 11.95 (+2.2) and was out to 10.98m (+3.2) in the triple jump. Diana Ismagilova won the TJ with 11.79m (+4.5) also 11.64m (+1.9). Ella Pilkington HT 51.65m and Mellata Tatola 3kg HT 55.44m. Alexandra Hyland HJ 1.65m. Sofia Lome who turns 14 on 4 December was sharp over 100m 12.48 (+2.5) and 200m 27.70 (-0.5).

Auckland City Athletics Club meeting, Mt Smart Stadium – 23 November 2016

Isaac Tatoa 60m 7.08 (+3.5). James Guthrie-Croft 100m 11.06 (+1.5). Jamie Sowter 400m 57.07 PB. Dominic Devlin 400m 52.15. Matthew Manning 1500m 3:52.5ht, Theo Quax 3:53.6 ht, Andrew Catley 3:59.0 ht. James Uhlenberg 3000m 8:51.55. Tom Hunt 5000m 16:22.24.

North Island Masters Championships, Manawatu Community Athletic Track, Massey University – 25/27 November 2016

Laurie Malcolmson M65 JT 35.33m, 60m 8.66, 200m 30.77, 100m H 19.00, 300m H 51.24. Tuariki Delamere (1982 national triple jump champion) M60 JT 31.42m, DT 34.69m, SP 10.21m, HJ 1.35m. Trevor Wilson M45 100m 12.44, 400m 57.03, pentathlon 2429. Vanessa Story W40 100m 13.55, 200m 27.78, 400m 61.72. Peter Stevens M50 800m 2:21.17, 1500m 4:38.27, 5000m 17:25.00. Corinne Smith W50 3000m RW 15:46.78, 5000m RW 27:05.31. Jacqueline Wilson W70 3000m RW 18:50.63, 5000m RW 31:49.87. Andrew Davenport M45 400m H 69.63, 3000m St 11:27.43. Delwyn Smith W50 300m H 58.02. Michelle Van Looy W45 3000m 11:35.1, 5000m 19:57.00. Ian Bitcheno M50 3000m 10:47.29. Juanita Paterson W40 1500m 5:44.76. Leanne Porritt W45 800m 2:50.35, 1500m 5:45.18. Nancy Bowmar W65 pentathlon 2478, TJ 7.13m. Brian Curry M55 pentathlon 2206. Tina Ryan W50 throws pentathlon 2958, HT 32.93m, JT 19.16m. Jill Evans W65 throws pentathlon 3157. Adrian Stockill M50 throws pentathlon 2797, SP 10.91m, DT 42.84m. Murray Free M50 JT 38.53m, HT 31.13m. Rick Davison M65 throws pentathlon 2838, HT 34.56m. Phillip Cox M70 throws pentathlon 2587. Jim Blair M85 throws pentathlon 2639. Laini Inivale M45 SP 12.70m. Peter Fox M60 3000m RW 16:50.73, 5000m RW 28:48.58. Sean Lake M45 3000m RW 16:06.82, 5000m RW 28:38.90.

Athletics Canterbury Meeting, Rawhiti Domain – 26 November 2016

Liliana Braun 1500m 4:54.57 mx. Seamus Mulroony 1.5kg DT 41.73m. Sean Eustace 5000m 15:51.98. Callum Stewart TJ 12.90m (+3.1) also 12.73m (+0.2). Louis Andrews 300m H 43.51. Charlie Gamble 2kg DT 44.74m. Thomas Moulai 400m 51.64. Tegan Duffy LJ 5.40m (+1.4), 300m H 46.83. Katie Thompson TJ 11.51 (+1.3), LJ 5.53m (+3.1) also 5.21m (+1.1). Roseanne Robinson 3000m RW 15:38.62. Charlotte Blair 800m 2:17.52. Pieta Hansen 200m 26.90 (-0.5).

Athletics Otago Meeting, Caledonian Ground – 26 November 2016

Christina Ashton 60m 8.18 (-0.7), 100m 12.70 (-0.8), 200m 26.21 (+3.5), 100m H 14.84 (0.0). Bryn McLeod-Jones 7.26kg SP 12.19m, 2kg DT 40.40m, 800g JT 49.87m. Todd Bates HT 50.27m, Mayce Ballantyne HT 46.44m. Anna Grimaldi T47 LJ 5.13m (+3.5) also 4.79m (-1.6). Adriana Mawhinney TJ 10.97m (+1.5), HJ 1.55m. Jacob Granger 100m 11.33 (+1.5), LJ 6.37m (+0.2). Tara McNally 80m H 12.98 (0.0). Drew Cairney mile 4:43.93, Bella Bloomfield mile 5:28.58 mx. Sam Stewart 200m 22.90 (+5.2). Kirk Madgwick 3000m 8:59.47. Schuyler Orr 60m 7.50 (-4.1). Liam Turner 800m 1:58.80.

Athletics Southland Under-distance Meeting, Surrey Park – 26 November 2016

Gale force winds hammered Surrey Park for the under-distance meet with only throwers coping with the conditions. Emma Ryan (W18) hammer 45.82m, discus 32.14m, shot put 12.43m; Jack Welsh (M20) hammer 43.38m, discus 43.54m; Emma Wilson (W18) hammer 35.87m; Yvonne van Baarle (W18) shot put 10.78m, James Tudor (M20) javelin 37.57m. In the jumps Atipa Mabonga (W20) tripled 11.11m and long 5.43m, Emma McColl (W18) TJ 10.51m, Andrea McDowell (W18) TJ 10.46m, Anna Skerrett (W18) TJ 10.35m, Andrew Allan TJ 12.97m, Adam Norman 12.50m. Track (all HT) : 60m Andrea McDowell 7.7, Adam Norman 6.9; 1000m Jack McNaughton (M18) 2:45.3; 300m Tim Baker (M20) 37.7 Tyler Hamilton (M18) 38.1.


AW Throwers Meet, Wollongong NSW, 27 August: Warren Button HT 56.16m.
Sydney Allcomers at Blacktown, 18 November: Warren Button HT 56.07m.
Melbourne Shield at Williamstown, 20 November: Quentin Rew 5000m RW 20:53.9 ht.


Valencia Marathon, 20 November: Paul Martelletti 2:18:55 (20). Won by Victor Kipchirchir (Kenya) 2:07:39 PB.


Fujisan Marathon, Kawaguchiko, 27 November: Craig Kirkwood 2:37:58, first master. Kyle Macdonald 2:43:22.



Rotorua Half Marathon, 27 November: Isaac Dunn 1:16:28, Matthew Parsonage 1:18:04, Arron Tata 1:22:30. Sue Crowley 1:28:29, Tracey Hay 1:32:21, Rebecca Burton 1:33:50. 10km; Michael Voss 32:07, Carl Fischer 35:22, John Bowe 35:30. Megan Grant 40:21, Claire McCool 41:41, Kylie Van Heerden 44:27.


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