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Athletics Auckland Championships, Mt Smart Stadium – 3/5 March 2017

Rio Olympian Alana Barber slashed 33 seconds off her New Zealand allcomers and resident 3000m race walk record with an outstanding performance of 12:37.82. Her previous record was set in November 2014 in Wellington. Barber was just two seconds shy of Anne Judkins’ 1992 national record of 12:35.4.Barber said she was in good shape going into the race.“It was tougher than I wanted it to be because the wind at the back straight was quite strong and it was hard mentally as well as physically because you think this is harder than it should be. But I knew I was in good shape, two weeks ago broke the 20km record so I knew I just needed to do the 3000m record today. It helped with the crowd, I heard my name shouted by strangers and that really helped,” said Barber. Anne Judkins has always been her inspiration.“I’ve never met Anne, but I emailed her about five years ago asking her how I can beat her records and she was very friendly and gave me some good advice and I’ve always looked at her as a role model and someone I’ve looked to for inspiration and I just really wanted to get those records that she’s held.” Erin Talcott second to Barber on Saturday in 13:45.82 took two seconds off her American 35-39 masters record and Corinne Smith of Whangarei reduced her New Zealand 50-54 masters record by 11 seconds to 15:36.16.

Joseph Millar was electric in the sprints with wind assisted times of 10.11 in the 100m and 20.57 in the 200m.The performance standards for the London world championships are 10.12 and 20.44.Millar was surprised at being that quick at this stage of the season.“I knew I was moving fast about half way through the race (in the 100m) and knew to try and keep pulling my knees through and stay on top of them. But I wasn’t expecting to run that fast for another couple of weeks but I’ll take it.” It has now given him confidence to achieve a world champs qualifier. “I know I can do it now, and with these confidence boosts since Nitro I don’t doubt myself anymore,” he added. After the 200m on Sunday Millar was again pleased with his form. “I was surprised how strong the tail wind was in the 200m, there was a decent head wind on the bend and I was working on working through that and it took a little bit of sting out of the legs for the straight. I was happy to run that without my main competitors here. Canberra this weekend should be bear some good fruit,” said Millar.

Former national junior sprint champion Zoe Hobbs now with North Harbour Bays won the 100m in 11.89 and the 200m in 24.20. Hobbs is pleased with her progress towards Canberra this weekend and the nationals in Hamilton. “I’m just practicing on the little things like technique building up to nationals focusing on finishing strong,” she said.
“I was surprised how strong the tail wind was in the 200m, there was a decent head wind on the bend and I was working on working through that and it took a little bit of sting out of the legs for the straight. I was happy to run that without my main competitors here. Canberra this weekend should be bare some good fruit,” said Millar. Former national youth 800m champion won the senior 800m in 1:57.67. Dawson is happy to be back running.
“I had an injury three months leading into the start of January so it’s tipping nicely back on my feet properly and training and racing so hopefully the season builds well from here,” he said.

Theo Quax collected the U/20 800m/1500m double as did Georgia Clode in the under 20 women. Katrina Anderson 400m 56.13. David Van Den Bogaard TJ 14.20m PB. Olivia Burne 1500m 4:28.34. Nicole Bradley HT 56.13m. Hamish Gill LJ 7.44m, Jesse Bryant LJ 7.39m. Nick Southgate PV 5.10m. Dominic Overend 100m H 838cm 14.20 (+1.3). Lisa Putt U/16 TJ 11.80m (+1.8). Alexandra Hyland 100m H 838cm 14.93 (+2.0) PB.

Junior records set:
Zayyaan Smith (Wait) G11 LJ 5.06m (-1.4).
Makia Percy (Wait) B11 3kg SP 13.26m and 750g DT 47.15m.
Jayden Williamson (NHB) B13 HJ 1.83m.
Kaia Tupu-South (Tak) G14 3kg SP 13.81m.
Joshua Tepai (Papk) B12 1kg DT 44.25
Jessica Honey (Tak) G11 400m 61.24s.

Auckland City Athletics Club Night, Mt Smart Stadium – 1 March 2017
Isaac Tatoa 60m 7.04 (+2.8). Farai Machakaire 100m 11.41 (+1.7). Jono Jackson 1500m 4:03.27. Olivia Burne 1500m 4:22.50 mx.


Athletics Waikato Bay of Plenty Championships, Porritt Stadium – 4/5 March 2017
Alex Wood had a PB 70.63m in the 800g javelin throw. Also competing Stuart Farquhar who was out to 70.01m. Ryan Howe 100m 10.97 (+0.9). Michael Goldie 200m 22.00 (+0.6). Michael Gutry 400m 48.65 PB. Isaiah Priddey 800m 1:56.00 PB. Cameron French 400m H 50.75. William Sinclair 300m H 45.00. Alexander Parkinson DT 52.84m. Nick Hailes 7.26kg HT 49.87m. Abby Goldie 100m 12.08 and 200m 24.90. Deigna Khamal 400m 58.52 and a PB 800m of 2:14.00. Grace Ritchie 5000m 17:51.74. Nicole Mitchell 1500m 4:47.83. Charli Miller 2000m st 6:56.59. Ashleigh Sando 100m H 14.80 (+0.9) PB. Katie Corbett 300m H 46.40 PB. Ashleigh Bennett LJ 5.69m (0.0) and TJ 12.12m (+2.4) also 11.51m (+1.1). Tatiana Kaumoana SP 12.48m and DT 44.17m. Mellata Tatola 3kg HT 51.86m.
Athletics Nelson Twilight Meeting, Saxton Field Athletic Track – 1 March 2017
Bailey Cotton 100m 11.44 (-0.3), 200m 23.14 (-0.5). Amanda Fitisemanu 100m 12.83 (-0.3), 200m 26.69 (-0.5). Jared Lautenslager mile 4:18.13 (PB). Lee-Ann McKenzie HJ 1.61m, 600g JT 33.68m.


Athletics Otago Meeting, Caledonian Ground – 3 March 2017

Fiona Centers 100m 12.51 (+3.9). Jarvis Hansen 100m 11.00 (+2.9). Felix McDonald 100m 11.25 (+2.9), 200m 22.57 (+1.9). Christina Ashton 200m 26.61 (+1.9). Mayce Ballantyne 4kg HT 42.51m. Todd Bates HT 50.52m. Mike Scholten HT 42.46m. Hugh McLeod-Jones 6kg HT 46.60m, 2kg DT 41.25m, 6kg SP 14.54m. Hamish Mears 1.5kg DT 43.60m.
From last week’s Otago championships Samantha Burke (17) 3000m 10:12.09.


Queensland Championships, QSAC, Brisbane, 23/26 February: Olivia Eaton 100m 12.13 (+0.3) (2H2), 12.11 (+0.3) (3). Mariah Ririnui LJ 5.91m (+0.3) (1). Sarah McSweeney 3000m St 10:56.94 (1). Katrina Robinson U/18 1500m 4:26.02 (1).

Victoria Championships, Melbourne, 24/26 February: Carl Van der Speck 100m 11.04 (-0.1) (4H2). Nneka Okpala TJ 12.97m (+0.2) (2).

Western Australia Championships, Perth, 24/26 February: Michael Cochrane 400m 48.82 (2). 400m H 50.57 (1).


WSU Open, Pullman, 20 February: Greer Alsop LJ 5.50m (1), TJ 12.49 (2).

Sun Belt Championships, Birmingham AL, 20/21 February: Luke Fielding 800m 1:56.31 PB (4H3), mile 4:18.54 PB (12). Ben Collerton heptathlon 4903 points (5) (60m 7.35, LJ 6.45m, SP 10.82m, HJ 1.94m, 60m H 8.67, 1000m 2:50.44).

Southland Conference, Birmingham, 22 February: Imogen Hull mile 5:19.93 (8H1), 3000m 10:35.08 (10R1).

Big Sky Championships, Pocatello Idaho, 23 February: George Beamish 800m 1:55.46 (5H3). Matt Baxter mile 4:12.46 (5), 3000m 8:17.60 (2).

South East Conference, Nashville, 24 February: Caitlin McQuilkin-Bell mile 4:58.86 (10H1). Rebekah Greene 3000m 9:58.31 (18).
American East, Boston, 24 February: Holly Manning 800m 2:10.92 (3). Cameron Avery 3000m 8:33.88 (11). 5000m 14:49.20 (7).

Big East, Staten Island, 24 February: Marcus Karamanolis mile 4:23.16 (5H1). Jacob Priddey 3000m 8:14.39 PB (5), 5000m 14:30.81 (5).

Mountain West, Albuquerque, 23 February: Jeff Lautenslager mile 4:17.13 (5H1), 3000m 8:47.58 (26). 24 February: Kerry White 800m 2:12.10 (3H2). 25 February: Kerry White 800m 2:13.63 (8).

Mountain Pacific Sports Federation Champs, Dempsey Indoor, Seattle WA, 24 February: Grace McConnochie 5000m 16:33.92 PB (10). Olivia Burdon mile 4:38.70 (4). 25 February: Torie Owers SP 17.08m (1).

American Athletic Conference Champs, Birmingham AL, 24 February: Bailey Stewart 400m 48.59 (1H4), 25 February: Bailey Stewart 400m 47.73 (1RB).

Big 12, Ames, 24 February: Alison Andrews-Paul 800m 2:09.01 (3H2). 25 February: Alison Andrews-Paul 800m 2:08.91 (6).

Ivy League, New York, 25 February: Arianna Lord 800m 2:16.95 (6H1).

Bu Last Chance, Boston, 26 February: Julian Oakley mile 3:58.27 (7).


Long serving former secretary of New Zealand athletics Barry Meyers of Wellington died on Tuesday 28 February 2017 aged 72.

Barry suffered from cancer for some time. He was a life-long member of the Wellington Olympic Harrier Club and was Club captain 1974-75. Barry was secretary of the NZAAA and Athletics New Zealand from 1975 to 1992.

45th Ports of Auckland Round-the-Bays 8.4km, 5 March: Jono Jackson made it six years in a row in winning the annual event in 26:05. Nick Rennie was second in 26:28 and Greg Darbyshire third in 26:49. Juliette Foley was the first woman in 31:33, six seconds ahead of Isabella Richardson. Danielle Ingram-Trevis was third in 32:14.

New Plymouth
Mountain to Surf Marathon, Egmont National Park to Marine Park Waitara, 4 March: Gene Rand 2:42:55, Kunaal Rajpal 2:45:01, Clark Ellice 2:49:16. Louise Kowalewski 3:06:51, Nancy Jiang 3:13:33, Letha Whitham 3:16:26. Walk; Alan Clarke 4:32:48. Half marathon; Sam Pictor (GB) 1:13:43. Women Sasha Antunovic 1:29:12. Walk; Harry Terwiel 2:09:14.