American ultrarunner Courtney Dauwalter once again asserted her dominance in the world of ultrarunning with a resounding victory in the women’s race at the Mt. Fuji 100. Not only did she clinch the top spot in the women’s category, but she also finished an impressive third overall, closely trailing behind the Chinese duo of Guomin Deng and Qin Guidu.


Dauwalter’s remarkable achievements have solidified her status as one of the greatest female ultrarunners of all time. Her incredible performance in 2023, which saw her conquer the prestigious Western States, Hardrock, and UTMB races in quick succession, set the stage for her continued success in the following season.

Returning to the spotlight at The North Face Transgrancanaria in February 2024, Dauwalter showcased her unparalleled talent once again, securing victory and setting herself up as a formidable contender for the World Trail Majors series.

Photo: © Mount Fuji 100

The Mt. Fuji 100, the fourth event in the series, witnessed Dauwalter’s exceptional prowess as she dominated the challenging course. Despite starting at midnight local time, she quickly surged ahead in the women’s race, maintaining a commanding lead throughout the grueling 100-mile journey. By dawn, she had already established a substantial lead over her closest female competitor and began overtaking many leading male runners.


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With an impressive display of strength and determination, Dauwalter surged through the aid stations, steadily closing the gap between her and the frontrunners. In a nail-biting finish, she crossed the line just 30 seconds behind Guidu, securing a well-deserved third-place overall finish.

Dauwalter’s return to the Mt. Fuji 100 marked a triumphant comeback, showcasing her growth and expertise in ultrarunning over the years. Her unwavering determination and trademark smile illuminated her journey, despite the physical toll of the challenging course.

The significance of Dauwalter’s achievement was further underscored by the substantial time difference between her and the second woman to finish, Japan’s Yukari Seimiya, who crossed the line more than four hours later.

Looking ahead, Dauwalter sets her sights on defending her Hardrock title, with plans to forego the grueling Western States race beforehand. Her relentless pursuit of excellence continues to inspire and solidify her place as a true legend in the world of ultrarunning.