Norwegian authorities have recently brought charges against Gjert Ingebrigtsen, the father and former coach of Jakob Ingebrigtsen, an esteemed Olympic athlete. This development follows public revelations by Jakob and his older brothers, Henrik and Filip, also notable athletes, regarding alleged instances of physical abuse they endured while under their father’s coaching until 2022.

Maintaining his innocence, 58-year-old Gjert is confronting accusations related to a specific reported incident. Investigations have uncovered that one of the alleged victims, not among the three athlete siblings, was a younger family member subjected to abuse, including being struck with a wet towel.

While some cases against Gjert have been dismissed due to insufficient evidence and statute of limitations, Mette Yvonne Larsen, representing five of the Ingebrigtsen children, intends to challenge at least one of the dropped cases.

In a public statement last October, the brothers expressed lingering discomfort and fear stemming from their upbringing marked by their father’s aggressive and controlling behavior, including instances of physical violence and threats. They felt compelled to share their experiences amidst intense media scrutiny following their separation from him.

John Christian Elden, representing Gjert, continues to assert his client’s innocence, citing a lack of evidence to support the allegations outlined in the indictment. Elden affirms their intention to vigorously contest the claims in court.


Despite the familial controversy, Jakob, an accomplished athlete with Olympic and world championship titles, remains focused on his athletic endeavors, preparing for the upcoming Olympics in Paris. Similarly, Henrik and Filip, also esteemed athletes, have made significant contributions to European championships in their respective events.