The anticipation is palpable as the track and field world gears up for the commencement of the 2024 Diamond League season. On Saturday, April 20th, all eyes will be on China as the prestigious series opens its doors at the Xiamen Diamond League.

Marking a significant milestone in the athletic calendar, the Diamond League Opening Day holds a revered status among enthusiasts. While the fervor may not reach the crescendo of the forthcoming Olympics, there’s an undeniable allure to the unpredictability that permeates the atmosphere on this inaugural day. Unlike the Olympics, where contenders’ forms are often discernible beforehand, the Opening Day of the Diamond League presents a canvas of boundless possibilities, where hope reigns supreme.

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Notably, this year’s Opening Day deviates from tradition, shunning its customary debut in Doha on the first Friday of May. Instead, the 2024 Diamond League season sets sail with a unique two-meet tour of China, marking its earliest inauguration ever on April 20th. China’s prominence in the Diamond League circuit stems from Wanda’s stewardship, which envisioned hosting two Diamond League events annually starting in 2020. However, stringent COVID protocols impeded this vision until last year when Xiamen unveiled its state-of-the-art Egret Stadium, a testament to China’s commitment to the sport. Following Saturday’s spectacle in Xiamen, the series will segue to Suzhou in the ensuing week, promising further excitement.

As we eagerly await the unfolding drama of track and field’s Opening Day in 2024, anticipation runs high. Below, we offer a preview of the day’s marquee events, each laden with its own pivotal question mark.

Event Details:

  • What: 2024 Xiamen Diamond League
  • Where: Egret Stadium, Xiamen, China
  • When: Saturday, April 20th, with DL track events commencing at 7:00 a.m. ET.

How to Watch:

Audiences across the globe can tune in to witness the action-packed spectacle. In the United States, NBC will stream the event live on Peacock from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. ET, offering enthusiasts an immersive viewing experience. Canadian viewers can access live coverage through CBC Sports, while the BBC extends its comprehensive coverage to UK audiences via BBC1, BBC2, or the BBC iPlayer service.

Broadcast Schedule (All Times US Eastern):

  • 5:15 a.m. ET: 5000m National Women
  • 5:35: High Jump Men
  • 5:42: Javelin Throw Women
  • 5:46: 4x100m University Group Women
  • 5:55: 4x100m University Group Men
  • 6:05: 5000m National Men
  • 6:21: Shot Put Women
  • 6:30: Pole Vault Men
  • 6:33: 100m National Women
  • 6:43: 100m National Men
  • 7:04: 400m Women
  • 7:17: 100m Hurdles Women
  • 7:20: Discus Women
  • 7:25: 5000m Men
  • 7:39: Triple Jump Men
  • 7:47: 200m Women
  • 7:55: 800m Men
  • 8:05: 3000m Steeplechase Women
  • 8:27: 110m Hurdles Men
  • 8:37: 1500m Women
  • 8:53: 100m Men

As the clock ticks closer to the opening salvo in Xiamen, anticipation reaches a fever pitch. With a stellar lineup of athletes and a stage set for spectacle, the 2024 Diamond League season promises to captivate audiences worldwide from the get-go.

Sha’Carri Richardson: A Return to the Limelight

Amidst the fervor of the 2024 Xiamen Diamond League, one event stands out for its promise of intrigue and redemption – the Women’s 200-meter dash scheduled for 7:47 a.m. ET. Central to this captivating narrative is the enigmatic figure of Sha’Carri Richardson, whose journey through triumph and adversity has captivated audiences worldwide.

Richardson burst onto the scene at the tender age of 21 with a sensational victory at the 2021 US Olympic Trials. However, her dreams of Olympic glory were dashed following a positive marijuana test, plunging her career into turmoil. Initial setbacks, including lackluster performances at prestigious events, raised doubts about Richardson’s ability to shine on the grandest stages of athletics.

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Yet, in a testament to her resilience, Richardson embarked on a path of redemption in 2023. Focused and undeterred by distractions, she emerged as a dominant force on the track, securing victory after victory, culminating in a world title in Budapest where she set a championship record in the 100-meter dash.

With her triumphant return to form, Richardson finds herself thrust back into the spotlight in 2024. Endowed with national ad campaigns and hailed as a key figure for the summer Olympics, Richardson faces heightened scrutiny and expectation. The upcoming season promises an influx of everything – more rewards, attention, and pressure. Yet, Richardson’s stellar performance in 2023 suggests that she has found a winning formula.


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The stage is set for Richardson’s debut in China, where she is scheduled to compete in the 200-meter dash in Xiamen, followed by another appearance in Suzhou a week later. Despite formidable competition, Richardson remains a frontrunner for victory on Saturday.

As Richardson embarks on her quest for Olympic glory, all eyes will be on her performance in Xiamen, offering a glimpse into her readiness for the challenges ahead.

Men’s 100: A Clash of Titans

The 100-meter dash is considered the pinnacle of speed and strength in men’s sprinting. 8:53 in the morning. ET, excitement and curiosity from fans across the world are building for an exciting bout featuring three of the sport’s most dangerous competitors: Christian Coleman, Fred Kerley, and Ackeem Blake.

Coleman’s path to redemption begins with the Xiamen race of the previous year, when he put on a strong showing that suggested he would regain his former level of excellence. Coleman showed glimpses of genius with a world-leading 9.83 seconds in Xiamen, announcing his comeback on the international scene, despite going through a turbulent period highlighted by an 18-month ban for whereabouts failures. Encouraged by his victory over the defending world champion Noah Lyles at the Diamond League final in Eugene, Coleman’s comeback adds a new level of intrigue to the upcoming campaign.

Fred Kerley, Christian Coleman and Yohan Blake
Photo © Matthew Quine

However, standing in his path are formidable adversaries in the form of Fred Kerley and Ackeem Blake, both poised to seize victory and etch their names in the annals of sprinting history. Kerley, the silver medalist at the 2021 Olympics and reigning world champion, seeks to reaffirm his dominance on the track under the tutelage of Quincy Watts, following a change in coaching dynamics. With promising performances in low-key races in Miami this spring, Kerley enters the fray with renewed determination and vigor.

Meanwhile, Ackeem Blake, heralded as one of Jamaica’s rising stars, poses a formidable challenge with his blistering speed and untapped potential. With room for growth and improvement, Blake, alongside compatriot Rohan Watson, adds an element of unpredictability to the proceedings, further intensifying the battle for supremacy in the men’s 100-meter dash.

As anticipation mounts and expectations soar, the clash of titans in Xiamen promises an exhilarating spectacle, where speed, determination, and raw athleticism converge in a quest for glory on the hallowed track.