Brad bangs out a solid session on the racetrack, then comes down with a cold.

Julian checks in from Anglesea, puts in a solid track workout with Watto before a hilly long run with Ellie.

Brady banks some interviews and preps for an upcoming time trial.

Morgan McDonald changes coach to Joe Bosshard, Emma Coburn and Melissa Duncan.

Boston Marathon officially cancelled after its initial postponement. In its stead the organisers have offered the option for a virtual race for participants.


The Impossible Games in Bislett, Norway to host the Maurie Plant Memorial Race featuring Team Ingebrigsten Vs Team Cheruiyot across Oslo and Nairobi. Diamond League

Listener Question asks who between Mona and Mottram ran the better lap, then Moose on the Loose goes on the barefoot running cult arguing with scientific evidence.

Matt Whitbread, president and chairman of Aths NSW returns to the show to talk all things about Bathurst World Cross Country 2021, giving a comprehensive preview of the course in terms of toughness and the spectator experience it aims to deliver, as well as an outline of the event weekend format, addressing criticisms and challenges ahead, as well as the para-cross country and the golden ticket race.

Matt also talks about the current state of athletics in terms of the pathway for a return to sport, and viability of holding national marathon and cross country championships this year.

You can follow the upcoming Bathurst World XC through the handle @wabathurst21 on all the social media channels or on the Official World Cross Country Bathurst website.