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Julian’s still battling on the injury front, trying new things to see whether things improve.
Brad announces his return to pacing duties for the Gold Coast Marathon.
Brady tries to capture the Moama Lights and lets the bats fly.

Ollie Hoare scored the win, personal best and a 1500m Olympic Qualifier with a 3:33.19 at the USATF Golden Games at Mt. Sac in an exciting race over Canadian Justyn Knight.
USATF Golden Games Results


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Charlie Hunter runs 3:38.17 at Oregon Twilight Meet 1500m. Race Report

Follow up to last week’s report of Karoline Grøvdal’s Road 5km WR, which will not be ratified after it was found the course was measured short. Article (Norweigian)

Listener Question from Will asks what constitutes as “low mileage” for different runners and
Moose’s purchase of the week hopes to heal what ails him.

Jye Edwards, the 2021 1500m National Championship winner and Tokyo Olympic Qualifier with a personal best of 3:33.99 which ranks him the 9th fastest Australian of all time sits down with Brad to open with his recap of that fateful day. From the morning of the race and going over strategy with Dick Telford, Jye expected a fast race and unpacks his thoughts midrace to crossing the finish line and then the chaotic post-race series of events including drug testing, interviews and Tokyo Olympic ticket ceremony. After touching on his celebration and admiration for the middle distance fraternity, Jye shares his plans moving ahead for him and Team Telford then reviews the season thus far including his Albie Thomas Mile performance and other qualifying races.

Jye and Brad then go back to his start in running, growing up as a sporty kid, watching the work ethic of his idols and dealing with growing pains as well as constant injuries throughout. This chat rounds out with meeting Dick Telford and the general training and mileage structure under him, the emphasis of skill and technique over mileage and current work and study aspirations.