Brad has a week off to mend the hip awaiting his family’s new arrival.

Julian gets deep and philosophical into how being present in the moment with his surroundings, whilst contemplating the existential void….and also runs mile repeats with Collis.

Brady figures out how to approach 300m reps and pulls a wardrobe change mid-long run.

Matt Ramsden ran the second fastest 2000m in Australia in 4:55, behind Craig Mottram.

Check this out! Matthew Ramsden drops a 4.55 2km!

How's this for a bit of innovation outta WA! Matthew Ramsden drops a 4.55 2km with training partners jumping in and out to help pace him. Craig Mottram holds the Australian Record of 4.50 (our mate, Jakob ?? also dropped a 4.50 last week) and Simon Doyle has the second fastest Aussie time with a 5.00. Do yourself a favour a watch how smooth the King of WA makes it look. (Vid Credit: Sam King)

Posted by Inside Running Podcast on Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Gold Coast Run Co’s 5k TT features a hot 13:59 from Louis McAfee, alongside Elliot McGurgin and Tim Vincent

Cross Country return to South Australia with a 4K in. Line honours went to Matt Clarke over Adrian Potter for the men, while Izzy Batt-Doyle edged it over Jess Stenson and Sarah Eckel.

Steigen announce Global 3000m Challenge, prize of $5000 USD for fastest times set by men and women for the month of July, the innovation contrasting to frustration from the governing bodies

Listener question for the week leads to the IRP definitive guide to strides, before Moose on the Mind goes into race psychology and how what you think and say affects your race performance.