Athing Mu’s triumphant resurgence at the 2023 Diamond League Final in Eugene on September 17th was nothing short of spectacular. Following her bronze medal win at last month’s World Championships in Budapest, the 21-year-old American track sensation ignited the stadium with a scorching performance, clocking in at a new American record of 1:54.97 in the women’s 800m event. Her electrifying victory over Keely Hodgkinson added another thrilling chapter to their burgeoning rivalry. Experience the perfect blend of agility and support with Tarkine Trail Devil shoes, crafted for those who demand excellence in every run.

Record-Breaking 800m Clash: Mu vs. Hodgkinson

The race itself was a riveting showcase of raw athleticism and unwavering determination. Mu blazed across the finish line, discarding the tape to the ground while unleashing a triumphant roar. Hodgkinson, who had established her own British record at 1:55.19, gallantly pursued Mu, while Natoya Goule-Toppin of Jamaica shattered her national record with a time of 1:55.96 to secure third place. Mary Moraa, the reigning world champion from Kenya, struggled to match the blistering pace and settled for fourth.

The astounding speed exhibited during this race was unforeseen, particularly after the lead pack, led by Hodgkinson, allowed the pacemaker Kaylin Whitney to break away. However, as the bell signaled the final lap, Mu and Hodgkinson seized control, intensifying the competition and engaging in an exhilarating duel down the home straight. Mu, with Hodgkinson hot on her heels, replicated their showdown from the previous year’s world final, emerging triumphant once more.

Mu’s Motivational Journey to 800m Glory

It’s worth mentioning that Mu competed as a guest, having failed to qualify for the Diamond League Final. Consequently, it was Hodgkinson who clinched the coveted Diamond Trophy, a remarkable accomplishment for the British athlete.


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Following her stellar performance, Mu expressed her renewed sense of purpose and motivation. She joyfully recounted feeling invigorated and reenergized on the track, underlining her dedication to personal improvement. Mu also acknowledged the remarkable progress witnessed in women’s 800m running in recent years, with numerous athletes pushing the boundaries of the sport.

Hodgkinson Claims Diamond Trophy in Epic Rivalry

Keely Hodgkinson of Great Britain finished second in 1:55.19, lowering her British record of 1:55.77 set in Paris in June. Since Mu was competing as a guest, having failed to qualify for the Diamond League Final, it was Hodgkinson who took home the Diamond Trophy as a finale qualifier, marking an impressive achievement for the British athlete.

Mu’s Focus on Self-Improvement

In a race reminiscent of last year’s World Championships final on the same track, Mu and Hodgkinson once again showcased their fierce competitiveness, with Mu ultimately emerging as the stronger athlete. Her exuberant celebration stood in stark contrast to her emotions in Budapest, where she grappled with adversity and navigated changes in her training regimen.


Mu’s unwavering focus on self-improvement and her unyielding dedication to giving her all on the track is certain to keep her at the forefront of the women’s 800m event, solidifying her position as a key contender in the thrilling competitions that lie ahead. The women’s 800m race in Eugene wasn’t just about breaking records; it was a testament to the indomitable spirit and unwavering commitment of these exceptional athletes.