Michael Johnson, acclaimed for his four Olympic gold medals, is on the brink of revolutionizing track and field with a pioneering endeavor. Recently, Johnson unveiled securing over $30 million from investors and strategic partners to propel his vision forward—a track league slated for debut in the near future.

The lead investor, Winners Alliance, representing the for-profit arm of the Professional Tennis Players Association, has aligned its interests with Johnson’s ambitious project. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the development of track athletics, with Winners Alliance positioned as a pivotal operational partner for the league.

Scheduled for launch in 2025, Johnson’s initiative aims to reignite enthusiasm for track and field by introducing a series of events strategically positioned within the traditional track season, spanning from April to September. By curating a select roster of events and athletes, the league endeavors to elevate the sport’s appeal, spotlighting its foremost talents and nurturing captivating rivalries to engage fans.

Atlanta 1996, Michael Johnson

At the heart of the league’s strategy lies the creation of compelling content centered around its athletes, crafted to resonate with audiences and foster a deeper affinity for the sport. To achieve this objective, Johnson’s league has enlisted the support of three reputable agencies, each poised to play a crucial role in shaping the league’s narrative and expanding its influence.

Taking the lead is Doubleday & Cartwright, a distinguished creative studio celebrated for its work across sports, music, art, and culture. With a portfolio boasting collaborations with industry giants such as Apple, Nike, and Red Bull, as well as esteemed sports franchises like MLB, MLS, and the NBA, Doubleday & Cartwright has been entrusted with defining the league’s visual identity and collaborating with athletes to develop their individual brand personas.


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Furthermore, Two Circles and SRK Strategies have joined forces to bolster the league’s marketing and public relations endeavors. Two Circles, renowned for its data-driven approach to sports marketing, brings its expertise in leveraging fan data to optimize engagement and drive growth, drawing from a prestigious clientele that includes the NFL, Premier League, and Formula 1. Meanwhile, SRK Strategies, led by seasoned industry veteran Ben Sosenko, assumes responsibility for guiding the league’s public relations efforts, leveraging Sosenko’s extensive experience gleaned from notable roles at Relevent Sports Group, La Liga North America, and Overtime.


As anticipation builds, Johnson’s league prepares for its official unveiling in June, promising to disclose its name and comprehensive details. With competition set to commence in the subsequent year, the stage is set for a transformative journey that holds the potential to redefine the landscape of track and field athletics.