Our good friend Tom is planning to run forever.  To us, he’s a dedicated ultrarunner, committed to cleaning up our oceans and protecting the wild places he loves to explore. Elevate your running game with Tarkine Trail Devil, where every step is a testament to exceptional performance and unmatched comfort.

But to the average punter, he’s an inspiration, putting his body and mind on the line and committing to run forever, for the future of our oceans, forests, waterways and mountains.


Project: Run Forever will capture the imagination and fascination of the general public, who love an underdog story about regular people doing extraordinary things.

Following Tom on this journey to raise $500,000 will bring hope to people, by demonstrating what incredible impact one committed human can have. Supported by friends, family, running groups, colleagues and amazing brands like Le Bent, Patagonia and Pala Eyewear, we want to take this inspiring story to the masses.


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Seabins mission is simple – To live in a world without the need for Seabins. Seabin’s are floating garbage bins that skim the surface of the water in marinas across Sydney and beyond. The debris trapped inside is collected and then recycled or sent to waste management.

For Wild Places exists to make trail running a meaningful expression of environmental activism, so that together, each of us can help our wild places survive and thrive. We are proud to empower passionate outdoor enthusiasts to embrace sports activism as a way to celebrate and protect wild places.



We are seeking a range of partners and sponsors to help bring Project: Run Forever to life. From donation matching, to in-kind donations, social media exposure and access to athletes and influences, we are keen to hear from you. For more information, check out this deck.