Marijuana is often not well received when it comes to sports. It is believed that weed reduces concentration and has a bad effect on productivity. However, is this so, and what do the latest studies say on this topic?

When Should You Not Use Weed?

Cannabis is banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency. Science has not proven that marijuana makes a person stronger and faster. It’s more about the reputation of weed. However, there are times when marijuana is not worth taking.

There is no way you should be taking weed right before a competition, or it will be detrimental to your running performance.

The biggest risk for a runner is smoking. It greatly harms the lungs and causes shortness of breath. But smoking cannabis is even worse. It’s all about the smell and taste of the smoke. Often it is too harsh for the user – and certainly causes a prolonged wave of coughing. After that, it is difficult to catch your breath.

Besides, marijuana greatly increases the heart rate of a runner. Competition creates a lot of stress for an athlete. But fast running and a buzz from marijuana can only add stress to the heart. It often results in the athlete reaching their limit faster. But sometimes, it can cause heart pain and breathing problems. For example, the Black Diamond weed strain is good for relaxing, but cannabis is not the best solution for sports because it greatly increases the heart rate.

Cannabis Is Suitable for Training 

Marijuana is not suitable for moments when you need to get the most out of your strength and speed. However, weed is great for exercise to keep you fit.

Oddly enough, the experts themselves say that marijuana is not suitable for training. And they are wrong. 

For example, the SPACE study (Study on Physical Activity and Cannabis Effects) get some unexpected results: the athletes report that people get more pleasure from sports when they are high. Moreover, it helps athletes by boosting recovery after exhausting workouts.

What Are the Benefits of Cannabis for Runners?

Body Recovery

Marijuana relieves inflammation from the muscles and helps with inflammation. Muscle injuries while running are a big problem for athletes. It is essential to provide proper muscle care. Cannabis-based ointments can locally relieve pain and inflammation, which significantly speeds up the athlete’s recovery process.

It is also vital for athletes to be able to relax their muscles to keep them in good shape during competition or exercise. Cannabis not only relaxes the body but also relieves spasms.

Sleep Improvement

For an athlete, the daily routine remains critical. And sleep plays a key role in how an athlete will feel throughout the next day. Cannabis can improve sleep quality. Runners fall asleep easier and feel much more rested after sleep.

How to consume cannabis properly?

1. Choosing the Right Strain

We highly recommend choosing the light to medium potency strains. For example, a THC level of 20% would be too high for someone who wants to run.

In addition, experiencing a strong buzz from weed, you will completely forget about training.

2. Dosage

Before choosing a consuming method, it is worth learning more about the details: how long the high lasts and what are the side effects. For example, the high from edibles is the longest and, in some cases, can last up to 10 hours.

Marijuana usually takes time to work. Different methods take different amounts of time. You shouldn’t consume too much. Wait for a little to see how such treatment will affect you.

3. Right time and place

Choose not too extreme activities for high time. For example, you definitely shouldn’t drive or even ride a bike.

It is also worth taking care of the place where you will consume cannabis. Perfect for your room, where you are safe and can relax the way you want. Alternatively, you can get out into nature or the garden. It is worth giving preference to safe places where you can control the situation. For example, you should not go to a party with strangers.

4. CBD is your friend

CBD is the non-psychoactive component of cannabis. It has more medicinal properties. So if you don’t want to be stoned, you can give your preference to THC-free strains.

The modern cannabis market supplies many hemp-based products. They help with inflammation and solve problems with anxiety and sleep. However, the effect of CBD is not as significant and immediate as that of CBD.

Food for Thoughts

Cannabis will not be your best friend in stressful competitions. At this point, you should be as sober as ever. However, after a hard day of sports, you can relax and spend an evening with friends and cannabis. It will help you recover and feel much better. But it’s still worth consuming wisely!