Did you know that running events are very popular all across the world? The second thing we would like to say here is that running events are ideal to bet on and have fun. Now you will learn all about the running events available on non UK online bookies which are suitable for sports bets all over the world. Without further ado, let’s check out these amazing events.

New York City Marathon

New York City Marathon is just one of many World Marathon Majors and the one that is special. The distance you will have to run over is 26.2 miles. People will run over 5 different parts of the city which is an appealing option and something a lot of people want to see and enjoy. Then we can see that a lot of professional runners come here to participate. The event is special and one of the best-known running events in the world hence it’s no wonder why so many pros will want to run here.

There are over 50.000 runners every single year. The event has been with us for over 50 years and it is still gaining popularity. If you like to bet on running events, New York City Marathon is the best option you have. 

Paris Marathon

Paris Marathon has to be on this list. It has almost 40.000 participants every single year and the number has been growing for a long time meaning this event will become even more desirable any time soon. A lot of people come from all over the world to run here and it is clear why.

The running event will start at Champs-Elysees. It will end at Foche Avenue meaning participants will see a lot of the city and enjoy the view. If you like Paris this is definitely an event to enjoy. If you prefer betting, the event is popular at betting sites so you can place your bet right now if you like. In addition, this is one of the most popular running events in Europe. Another example is Berlin Marathon. 

Chicago Marathon

Chicago Marathon is another event of the World Marathon Majors. There are 6 in total. There are over 40.000 people running here so you can imagine how popular the event actually is. At the same time, we can see that this is one of the IAAF Gold Label running events. An interesting fact is that here we can see 4 world records associated with the event. Some say that this is possible due to the fact the course is flat and fast.

Chicago Marathon has been active for 40 years and we all know that bettors like events with a long and rich history. If you are looking for the next event to bet on and have fun, this one is right for you. 

Tokyo Marathon

Tokyo Marathon has to be on this list as well. It is one of the biggest events of this kind known to man. There are over 35.000 participants every single year and the popularity has been growing for a long time. The event is part of the IAAF Gold Label and also World Marathon Majors. The event is relatively new. It has been available since 2007 but it has been growing in popularity every year and this is a trend we will like to see and enjoy even more.

Berlin Marathon

Berlin Marathon is one of the oldest running events in the world. It is held, obviously in Berlin and has been present since 1974. If we take a deep look, we can see that the event is growing in popularity. For instance, in 2021 over 23.000 people finished the event. But, in 2022 almost 35.000 people completed the marathon. It is easy to see the future in this particular case scenario. 

The primary sponsor of this event is BMW and it is held on the last week of September. Berlin Marathon is also very popular among bettors. It has a rich history, something you will want to know all about and there are a lot of variables. People from all over the world will come here to run and try to win. If you are one of them. Keep in mind that competition is tough. If you want to bet on the other hand, you can do it from your home.

The Final Word

These running events are some of the most popular events of this kind in the world. They are available once per year which makes betting on each one even more special. There are umpteen tracks and running is an excellent sport for the majority of people. Countless bettors wait for days or even months to place the best bet. If you want the part of the thrill, now you know how to get it. But you can easily find the site that will accept your bet and try to win. There are countless possibilities and all of them are available to you right now.