Running is the activity that keeps you fit and healthy but the most common issue athlete’s face is pain management. This article will throw light on how kratom works well for pain management. Let’s learn a bit about it and its benefits. 

Southeast Asia is home to the tree known as kratom, which belongs to the coffee species. This is also known by the scientific name Mitragyna speciosa, and this is cultivated in Malaysia, Thailand,  and Indonesia. Alternatively, the leaves may be preserved and used to create tea or encapsulated and marketed as a nutritional supplement. Kratom plants may also be consumed in the same way that tobacco is.

Kratom leaves, granules, and pills may be found at certain pharmacies, vape stores, and digital superstores, among other places. The split kilo kratom for athletes is very popular due to the Pain relief, anxiety treatment, and opioid abuse treatment which are the most frequent use. Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine, the two main active chemicals discovered in kratom, operate on opioid receptors, although they have fewer adverse effects than other opioids.

As Suggested by the Pros

Many supporters of kratom believe that the plant has the potential to be a remedy to the opioid epidemic, both in terms of providing an additional choice for pain treatment and in terms of assisting people who are trying to escape opiate addiction. Other experts disagree, stating that it is not the “miracle cure” as some have claimed.

A 2010 study article in the Journal on Drug Policy revealed that 136 individuals who regularly used kratom were interviewed and that the plant was “characterized as cheap, readily accessible, and having no significant adverse effects despite extended usage,” according to the experts. This article does not contain any research into the health impacts or possible dangers of kratom.

Nevertheless, according to a 2014 article in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence, a survey involved 293 people who consistently used kratom and discovered that moreover, 50 percent had suffered severe dependence issues, which included kratom symptoms of withdrawal such as muscle pain, sleeplessness, frustration, and stress, among others.

According to a mouse-based article in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry in the year 2016, Kratom seems to have a lower respiratory slowing effect than certain other muscle spasms medications such as morphine. Attributed to the reason that fatalities caused by opiate addiction are almost always the consequence of respiratory failure, the results of the study suggest that additional research into the chemicals found in kratom is necessary.

According to the findings of a 2019 study, kratom may have some favorable circumstances, but it also has a significant potential for misuse, combinations, and severe side effects. A possible happy medium between prohibiting the medication and permitting its sale without restriction, according to the study, might be found by putting it underneath the checkout counter.

What is the motivation behind the usage of kratom?

Due to the fact that kratom engages with the dopamine in the brain, few individuals take it to alleviate pain or to help them overcome opiate addiction. Because medical organizations are increasingly attempting to avoid the use of opioids for pain management, many individuals who formerly depended on them are no longer able to do so. When individuals are trying desperately to find replacements, some resort to kratom, which is a tempting substitute since it has pain-relieving properties comparable to morphine.

Considering kratom is “organic,” people have a tendency to believe that it is harmless however, not completely true. It is indeed legal and widely available in many places, so it doesn’t carry the negative connotations associated with drugs.

Advantages in terms of pain relief

Numerous possible health advantages of kratom have been discovered via survey:

  • Pain medication 

Kratom is available in 3 distinct strains, all of which are excellent anti-inflammatories for chronic pain patients. Chronic pain is provided by the white vein, red vein, and green vein types of cannabis, which bind to an opioid receptor in the body. One of the compounds contained in kratom, 7-hydroxy mitragynine, has a potency 13 times greater than that of morphine.

Despite the fact that kratom activates opioid receptors such as those found in morphine, it is classified as an atypical opioid. It significantly inhibited particular impulses, which might also explain why the negative effects of the herb are more bearable when compared to traditional opioids.

In exploring alternative methods for pain management, some runners have reported positive experiences with natural supplements like Kratom. If you’re interested in learning more about different strains and their potential benefits, consider exploring options from reputable sources like Kingdom Kratom.

  • Mood-enhancing properties

Kratom contains a wide range of mood-enhancing properties. According to research, it is a very effective therapy for opioid dependence. This has been shown to be effective in alleviating the symptoms of withdrawal associated with morphine and alcohol. It has also shown promise as a sedative and an appetite suppressant, according to other research. During one experiment conducted, researchers discovered that kratom decreases the levels of the stress hormone cortisol levels in mice. High corticosterone levels have been linked to depression in the past.

How can kratom help in other ways to improve health?

  • Enhancement of one’s sexual drive

Kratom has been studied for its potential as a sexual enhancer, and the results are promising. Researchers have evaluated a large number of clinical studies, and the findings, which they termed “extraordinary,” were given. Kratom has been shown to be a potent organic sexual enhancer, according to experts.

According to the findings, in another research, kratom administration reduced appetite in rats by suppressing the hypothalamus, the region of the brain that regulates food and desires. In order to determine if it has comparable effects on people, further study is required.

  • The Quantity and Dosage

Several variables influence the quantity of kratom that should be taken, along with the user’s age, physical well-being, and much more. In one test, researchers found that the benefits of this plant were dependent on the recommended dosages used, with a smaller dosage ranging from 1-5 grams as well as a medium dose reaching from 5-15 grams being used.

More study, therefore, is required to establish the short and long-term consequences of these dose changes on the human body. Due to kratom’s reported potency and the absence of research to determine safe consumption rates, it is recommended that you speak with your chemist or doctor before including this substance in your diet plan.


Moreover, Suppose you are experiencing severe pain, stress, sadness, or any other physical impairments. In that case, this is indeed a natural option that may be the most beneficial in maintaining an active lifestyle. Experts suggest that you use this technique since it has high levels of antioxidants and alkaloids, which have been shown to help with energy, happiness, and pain relief, respectively.