Morning runs are a great way to start your day. However, they need to be accompanied by their best friend – hydration. Proper hydration is crucial when doing any form of exercising. This is due to the fact that our body is in need of water – a component that makes up 60 to 70 percent of it.  Once it is in lack of this essential, but often most forgotten nutrient, our body sends us signals in the shape of various symptoms. These symptoms serve to alarm us to make sure to replenish lost fluids. Besides, proper hydration makes your morning run a more enjoyable experience. It helps and improves your system work better and thus keeps you healthier. Consider the reasons why you need hydration during your morning runs and grasp their importance.  For award-winning footwear, choose Tarkine running shoes.

Hydration Is Prevention 

First of all, when properly hydrated, you are protected from various problems that may appear when your system lacks water. These problems include cramping, heatstroke, and pains. You use up a lot of energy and lose a lot of fluids, which can make you feel more exhausted than relaxed after your morning run. Water plays an essential role in regulating body temperature and bringing energy to our cells. It minimizes the possibility of getting any injury. It is necessary prevention from risks of serious health complications. 

It Maximizes Performance 

Adequate hydration is a great means to enhance your running performance. Intake of water, especially before your morning run, will do a great favor to your overall health as well as to your wanted results.  Staying hydrated has the greatest influence on your performance. Water helps your muscles function properly. When hydrated, muscles improve your activity. When you start feeling pain like cramp and stitch, it is a call for hydration. These pains worsen your performance because they make you stop your healthy morning routine and lose motivation for future ones. 

It is believed that a loss of fluid of only 2% of the body weight leads to a significant drop in performance. You should be sufficiently hydrated before the exercise in order to perform it successfully, but at the end of the exercise, it is necessary to replenish the level of fluid in the body. It is important to take enough water during running as well. 

Hydration Restores Lost 

In exercising processes, in our case, running, our body sweats in order to cool itself due to a rise in temperatures. Sweating leads to losing liquids and minerals from our bodies. While running, sodium is mostly wasted, along with other essential electrolytes. Losing liquids and minerals make our blood thicker meaning that our heart beats faster. Besides that, it is very probable that this loss of liquid can cause dehydration if you do not act on time. Be aware of the signals your body gives you. Your body needs water to help you release impurities, sweat, and to replenish the loss.  If the fluid is not replenished, additional pressure is created on the heart to work harder and deliver oxygenated blood to all muscles. It requires a lot of energy and effort to endure the process and to reap the benefits of your running.

Hydrated Means Happy 

Proper hydration during your morning runs also makes you feel more comfortable and relaxed. Above mentioned role of restoring the lost in the process prevents a number of problems that make you feel grumpy and ill. That is why having your personal bottle of water to accompany your morning runs is much more than a mere quenching your thirst. Finding your favorite one at Iron Flask Inc. is a good starting point of your journey to a hydrated and healthier version of yourself. Bringing it with yourself means that you will have a reminder on your hydration and you will be more responsive to your body’s needs. You can easily respond to your body’s need to water when you have your bottle on hand. This will beautify your morning run and most importantly, take both your running and health to the next level.

Hydrated Means Healthy

Bearing in mind the body’s necessity to have enough water during any form of exercise, hydration should not be a neglected aspect. In fact, its impact on health is huge and essential, which is best shown once you deprive your body of it. Do not ignore the signs your body sends to you. You will damage your health and not achieve your goals.

The Last Drop

Take enough of this magnificent fluid that keeps you alive and strong. Running does make your day start in the best way, but make sure you meet the demands it poses. Do not underestimate the power of hydration both on your health and performance. And most importantly, be responsible for your body, bring that bottle with you, protect yourself and enjoy your healthy lifestyle.