This week on Inside Running Podcast, Brady comes 4th in the Hobart Half Marathon in 67:39 in the lead up to the Nobeoka Marathon in 4 weeks time, Brad ticks along an easy week leading to Lake Biwa while Julian continues his training for the 2018 Victorian Country Track and Field Championships.

There’s a lot of news to get through:

  • Commonwealth Games selection for the marathon and 10,000m is announced.
  • Half Marathon Championships selection in Valencia and who they rate as the best chance while debating the merits of team selection.
  • Brady predicts the winner for the females in Boston Marathon.
  • Julian gushes over Jake Robertson’s win in the Houston Half Marathon.
  • The 10,000m NSW State Championships in Newcastle as well as Cadbury Marathon 2018 in Hobart.
  • Mo Farah’s half marathon DNS in Doha, as Michael Shelley runs 4th 63:17 heading into Comm Games
  • Brad defines what a ‘float’ is for a listener before the Moose lets Loose on some drama in Dromana over the winner and rules surrounding Two Bays Trail Run 28km race, with regards to the necessity of mandatory gear.
  • The show concludes with Brady chatting with 2018 Cadbury Marathon winner Dane Verwey about how the race went, being the team physio for the national cross country team, his experiences in Kenya and what his plans are for future running. (Photo: HeraldSun)