Running in my 4th Olympics was one of my most amazing athletic exeriences to date. After enduring a few tough years personally and professionally following Beijing 2008, I managed to qualify for London 2012, in my first marathon in 4 years in Houston (Jan 15th 2012) running 2:28 feeling “easy” which was quite remarkable to me. Before October 2011, I didn’t know if I could ever achieve this feeling/ result in a race again after such a long period of time away from my best running.

I felt awesome in Houston, and knew it was still there. Reflecting on my performance in London, yeah it wasn’t my best run but it was my best on the day. Unfortunately I had picked up a hip injury and wasn’t 100%. Felt pretty sore even from 5km into the race – but despite this, was determined to finish. When I run for my country, I feel a sense of pride and honour to represent all Australians in the best way possible. For me, this is giving it my best, no matter what the circumstance, and never giving up.

It’s hard looking back on it now, seeing my time, knowing it was slow by my standards, but at the same time, I am happy I finished and able to represent Australia in my 4th Olympic Games. Feels like Sydney 2000 was only yesterday! After taking a nice break in Brisbane, seeing my family, I am now back in Boulder Colorado, training and looking forward to next year and what that holds for me.

I still have plenty of good running left in me, I’m a tough persistant bugger and I know I can still achieve great things. Running is tough like that – an athlete’s career of highs and lows, often feels like a really, really scary rollercoaster ride. But you have to take the good times with the bad, and keep positive, be patient, maintain a good balance in your life and most of all, be able to bounce back! Until next time, good luck everyone with your preparation for the upcoming Summer season!!!!