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Running into one's golden years requires dedication and intelligence, with injury prevention being the key to longevity. The increasing number of older runners who continue to enjoy competition and fitness serves as empirical evidence of what works.
As a busy person with training goals to achieve, you want to make every minute count. The key to achieving your goals lies in optimizing your training and avoiding injury and burnout. As a coach with experience training Olympians, national and world record holders, and national and NCAA champions, I can help you achieve success in your sport.
Ultrarunner Courtney Dauwalter has achieved success by adopting a simple approach to training, eschewing the use of fitness tracking devices and rigid training regimens. Dauwalter discovered her love for running at a young age, thanks to the Presidential Fitness Test in elementary school. She went on to join the cross-country team in high school, where she found that running had a social element that she loved.
Mary Ngugi, a two-time gold medallist at the World Half Marathon Championships and one of Kenya's leading athletes, has launched the country's first girls-only running camp. Mary received her training and education at a mixed-gender camp when she was a junior, where she witnessed the problems that young girls face when pursuing a career in athletics. "Being abused by men, harassed, intimidated, not being able to be themselves," she lists for BBC Sport Africa. "Some are getting pregnant, dropping out of camp because maybe the coaches or the pacers are trying to harass them."
'If there’s one thing that bothers Feidhlim Kelly — and there are many — then it’s wasted talent, unfulfilled potential. Kelly, 39, can see these days why he didn’t achieve his athletic potential and, for the past six years, he’s done everything to ensure others don’t make the same mistake, guiding many of Ireland’s best like Andrew Coscoran, Michelle Finn, Brian Fay, Hiko Tonosa, Sean Tobin and Mark English.
ASICS Australia has announced the launch of its new podcast – Sound Mind, Sound Body Stories powered by ASICS. The 12-episode series speaks to guests about reaching their sporting and wellness goals, as well as what helps them keep a sound mind and a sound body.
Since March when the government ordered closure of athletics camps to minimise the spread of Covid-19, the once busy stadium has become a pale shadow of its former self. Foreign athletes who trained there flew out to their countries in Europe and the Americas