Keeping fit and healthy is a popular theme amongst people around the world. One way in which many accomplish this goal is by running. For most runners, taking part in a marathon is the pinnacle achievement of this pastime. There are many different marathons that occur worldwide, some of which are rather unique in comparison to traditional marathon races.

Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

For over two decades now, the Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon has been a highly attended event. Each course of the race features live bands which helps to provide some energy to runners are they run the course of the race. Runners race right down the famous Las Vegas Strip which is closed for the race, the only time this happens each year so if one wanted to play some game whilst you’re busy running they’ll have to go online to do so. If runners aren’t sure they are ready for a full marathon or are beginners, there are other options including a half marathon, 10K and a 5K. This year, the event is scheduled for November 10th and 11th.

The Great Wall Marathon, Tianjin, China

A once in a life time kind of race, the Great Wall Marathon, is for runners who aren’t looking to smash their previous personal records. The reason is that this race has a rather gruelling aspect not found in other races, the 5,164 steps of this landmark. Occurring on May 19th, the climate for this race is hot and humid adding to its difficulty level. However, many runners who have completed the race say the intense views from the wall are ones that will not be forgotten.

Marathon du Medoc, Pauillac, France

Definitely one of the more unique French races, the Marathon du Medoc features a different kind of aid station. The last 4K of the marathon, features stations where racers can indulge in all you can eat cheeses, oysters and ice cream. The race winds though the vineyards which are lined with comically dressed spectators enjoying the local wines.

If you’ve wanted to try a marathon or perhaps experience a unique race, consider one of these three marathons.