Q: Hi Selma, thanks very much for taking the time to have a chat with the Runners Tribe. Earlier in the year you spent a week and a half up at Falls Creek; how was the stint up there?

Selma Kajan :No problems, thanks for having me! Falls creek was a good training block for me as always to start the year with a bit of altitude prep and challenging terrain, and a chance to just train with no other daily obligations. I always enjoy getting the chance to train with other like minded people, as I usually train solo. So it’s a really nice change.


Q: Who did you do most of your training with up at Falls Creek?

SK: A few different people depending on the session. But I jumped in with the MTC girls like Susan Kuijken, Zoe Buckman, Gen Lacaze and Laura Crowe. As well as having some great company in Lauren Crowe and Bridget Cocoran.

Q: It would be awesome to hear what you actually did, training wise, in your 10 days up there. Also, for those who haven’t yet been to falls creek, even a standard daily routine…

SK: During my 10 days, although technically a short stint at altitude, I really tried to make the most of it, so I probably did a bit more than what I usually do. At falls most people generally train twice a day, main session being 9.30am and easier 5.30pm. I’ve started doubling a couple of times a week, and at falls you generally have a lot of time on your hand so you tend to want to go for that second run/workout just to fill the time!

So here’s what I got up too;

Fri: AM-Drive to Falls
PM- 30min easy run

Sat: AM: Sessions along Langfords- 3X4 35sec hills (jog back recovery between reps, walk back recovery between sets), followed by 3-4 min recovery and 3X4min tempo’s.
PM: Rest (as the mornings session was quite big and intense for me)

Sun: AM-16km Long Run along Pretty Valley
PM- rest

Mon: Am- 30 mins along Langfords West, followed by stretching, drills and 6x 100m strides on road.
PM- 30mins easy

Tues: AM-Sessions along Langfords- 5X1km (90secs recovery) Times ranged 3.35-3.38
PM- 20min recovery run

Wednesday: Day off running due to sore Plantar- recovery and treatment day.
PM-strength session

Thursday: AM- 23 minute Fartlek along top aquaduct. (1min On, 1min off)
PM- 30 min run

Friday: AM- 40minute run along Langfords
PM- strength session

Sat: AM- session along top aquaduct. 4X5 35sec hills (jog recovery between reps, walk between sets), followed by 5min recovery and 5min tempo.
PM: 20minutes easy run

Sun: AM- 16km long run, along tower run and surrounding the village

Q: When you’re in Sydney, do you work or study outside of your training/racing?

SK: Well I’ve actually recently moved to Ballarat, so I’m no longer a Sydney sider (although at heart I’ll always be a city girl), but here my routines are much the same as it was back home, except I’m surrounded by and living with athletes.

I generally fit my training in the morning and late afternoons (afternoons being my preferred time for main sessions), and I work during the days at a reception job 3-4 days a week, and am also the sub-editor at Women’s Running magazine which I fit in around all this, which is quite easily done as it’s done all online, on my computer, in my time. So I’m very lucky in that respect.

I’m also lucky I finished up my B Media (Communication & Journalism) degree last year, which left me with more flexibility.

Q: Sounds like the ideal set up, being a part of the Ballarat Project. What can we expect to see from you in 2014? What are the plans and the goals?

SK: It definitely is great set up, and one I’m sure will benefit me this season. So hopefully you’ll be seeing a lot more good performances from me on the track. My goal is to obviously run some pb’s and gain qualification for this years Commonwealth Games.

I plan to open the season at the Adelaide Track classic, which I’m looking forward. As well as generally competing over the Australian Track circuit.

Q: Sounds like a good plan to start with… last year you headed to the USA and ran a PB straight up in Los Angeles. Is the plan to head to the USA again, or just europe this time?

SK: I’d really like to head to the USA again after the domestic season, after having such positive results last year. Especially to Mt Laguna, California. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and training venues there so if all goes to plan, that will be on the cards again, then Europe.

Q: Good plan. Back to the Ballarat Project for a minute; who is in the house now?

SK: Currently it’s just me, which is a bit lonely. But usually it’s myself, Collis Birmingham, Brett Robinson and Ryan Gregson. However come February we’ll have our favourite irishman Paul Robinson living with us also. It can get pretty busy here!

Q: After adding Paul Robinson in, it will almost be like a Big Brother house. What do you guys get up to in your down time? Does Collis hit the casino much, like he does in London?

SK: It will be very entertaining thats for sure! As for our downtime, we generally chill out a lot at the house watching movies, TV shows and the boys with there XBox, thats my que to leave.

We also spend lots of time at our local cafe, the boys having coffee after coffee, a little bit of harmless gambling goes on, but not quite like London.

RT: Thanks Selma and all the best