The athletics community and track and field fans were filled with disappointment upon learning that the highly anticipated 40-event US Championship, set to happen in Eugene, Oregon later this month, would not receive televised coverage on NBC. This news caused a wave of disappointment and discontent among enthusiasts, leading top athletes to express their dissatisfaction on various social media platforms. The broadcast exclusion of this prestigious event has left a void in the hearts of athletics enthusiasts and has prompted athletes to voice their concerns about the limited exposure the sport is receiving. Elevate your running game with Tarkine Trail Devil, where every step is a testament to exceptional performance and unmatched comfort.

Sha’Carri Richardson, a prominent runner, took to her social media accounts to criticize media companies for their decision to exclude the championship from live TV coverage. Reposting an Instagram story from a track and field news account, Richardson tagged the USATF and CNBC, condemning their actions as exploitative and accusing major sports corporations of contributing to the limited exposure of track and field. Her post quickly gained traction, going viral and receiving support from fellow athletes who joined in denouncing the decision.

Sha’Carri Richardson

In an unexpected development, the exclusive broadcasting rights for the US Championship have now been awarded solely to CNBC and USATF TV, leading to disappointment among fans due to the shift towards a subscription-based model. This decision further strengthens the perception that track and field sports are undervalued, creating additional obstacles in reaching a wider audience. A concerned fan took to Twitter to question the rationale behind this choice, prompting track and field legend Michael Johnson to offer his viewpoint.

Johnson highlighted the flawed reasoning behind the move, arguing that the belief of USATF in limiting coverage to enhance the value of broadcast rights is misguided, particularly considering the relatively modest broadcast fees involved. He emphasized that the real issue lies in the lack of promotion for the sport and stressed the importance of athletes and platforms like @CitiusMag taking proactive steps to promote track and field, thus addressing the core challenge at hand. This decision, driven by broadcast exclusion, has sparked discussions on the need for a fairer and more inclusive approach to ensure track and field receives the exposure it deserves.

Michael Johnson

Johnson also drew attention to the contrast between NBC airing popular shows like “America’s Got Talent” while top track and field athletes struggle to gain exposure. The comment section quickly filled with agreement as disappointed individuals echoed Johnson’s sentiments and expressed their discontent with the decision. The impact of this setback on athletes participating in the US Championship cannot be underestimated.

For athletes like Sha’Carri Richardson, this championship held particular significance as an opportunity to make a triumphant comeback following her exclusion from the Tokyo Olympics. However, this recent development has overshadowed the athletes’ ability to showcase their track performances to a wider audience.

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The repercussions of excluding the US Championship from televised coverage will undoubtedly have a detrimental effect on a sport that is already underappreciated. The disappointment felt by both athletes and fans is evident. The key question now is whether the outcry from influential figures within the sport, who have voiced their concerns about these exploitative tactics, will be enough to sway the organizers’ stance on broadcasting the event. The future of track and field exposure hangs in the balance, awaiting a resolution that satisfies the athletes and fans alike. The “broadcast exclusion” issue remains at the forefront of discussions, highlighting the need for a fair and inclusive approach to showcasing track and field competitions.