It is not a huge secret that running events have been a huge hit all over the world. People enjoy these events due to the fact they are appealing, offer a lot of fun, and are something you can enjoy whenever you like. This makes them ideal for promoting responsible gambling, and now we will see how these events can do this perfectly. 

Responsible Gambling Basic Facts

The first thing you need to know here is that responsible gambling is extremely important, and this is something even operators will promote. The idea here is simple. Players will have fun as long as they want, and they will not end up in debt or have any other issues. This is why the core of responsible gambling is to play with the money you can afford to lose and stop whenever you want to stop. 

One of the leaders in this field is GamStop. It is a platform in the UK where people can register and keep themselves away from online casinos in the country. They can be distanced from casino sites for 6 months or even up to a few years. Once a player cannot gamble online, he or she is more likely to start working on the issues. Once the person resolves all of them, the self-exclusion will expire, and a player can become a gambler again. However, punters often try to avoid self-exclusion as they do not want to wait so long to start playing again.

This is just the tip of the iceberg on what responsible gambling is and how it can be used. We also need to add that most operators these days will have dedicated pages where you can learn the basics or get help if you need it. These will be featured on the official websites in the footer of the pages, and you can access them whenever you like. 

How It Can Be Promoted On Any Running Event

Because running events are more than just popular and they involve a lot of people, professional athletes, and all around them, they are ideal for promoting responsible gambling. Here are a few ways these events can be used for the promotion of responsible gambling. 


The first and the most effective method is showing the logo of GamStop or even the responsible gambling idea on the t-shirts of the participants and athletes. This is more than just an effective method. Just imagine how many people will see that T-shirt, and each one will know about responsible gambling within seconds. If we add the fact that these events are available all over the planet and there are millions of fans, you can imagine how effective all of this would be.

Here we can also add that promotions of this kind don’t require massive campaigns or anything similar. The logos and the details athletes will want to promote are almost identical, and as such, one campaign can be used globally. This makes promotion simpler and easier but also more affordable. 


Banners are a common thing that surrounds running events. Already you can see countless of them at every single event, and you can check out various brands, details, and so much more. Well, you won’t see anything related to GamStop. This is something that should happen, and we hope it will any time soon.

These banners are equally effective as the T-shirts. They will be seen by millions, and they also need one system to be created and cab used across the planet. They can last longer as well, which means that a single campaign can be used for years. 

There is no need to add that this method can be used for promoting responsible gambling in all sports and all events of the same or similar nature. It is a simple and appealing method that has been used for advertising for a long time. Now it can be used for something special and something that can make online gambling even better and more appealing. 

Social Media 

Here we have an interesting method that is well-known and has been used for years. See, all athletes have a huge fan base. You can see that some of them have millions of followers on social media platforms. What this means is that a single post of that athlete will reach millions or even billions. 

What if an athlete shares a post about responsible gambling? It will reach millions, and this means that all those people will learn the basics when it comes to responsible gambling within seconds. It is an ideal method here and the one that we find interesting, for lack of a better word. Ideally, it would be used as an addition to the first two.

Keep in mind that some events of this kind are not professional, or they are even held for fun. But, all of these have organizations behind the scenes that have social media. All participants have the same thing, so they can promote responsible gambling instantly. 

The Final Word 

Running events are ideal for promoting responsible gambling, and they are something that should be used for this purpose. We only hope that soon we will see the first banners, social media posts, and also T-shirts that promote responsible gambling and make it count.