Women to the fore on day 2 of NZ Track & Field Championships

The women’s 800m at the Jennian Homes New Zealand Track and Field Championships promised to be a close race and it delivered on that prediction, with five-times winner Angie Petty adding title number six to her bag after a titanic battle with local, Katherine Camp.

Ellen Schaef led the race early with Petty and Camp in tow. Petty took the lead in the second lap with 200m to run and Camp followed her before making a move to grab the victory as they swung into the home straight.

Petty hung on tenaciously and passed Camp to win by less than a metre, recording 2:03.35, to Camp’s 2:03.54 with Schaef taking third place.

Also threatening to provide a close finish, the women’s long jump  saw the lead change in the early rounds with 2015 champion Mariah Ririnui opening with a good 6.17m, only to see 2016 champion Kelsey Berryman fom Canterbury jump 6.37m in round two.

Ririnui, from Tauranga, improved to 6.24 in round three and Berryman, who finished second in the 100m championship on day 1, jumped a huge 6.40m on her fourth, aided by a following wind.

Berryman finished off with two big foul jumps and Ririnui could not improve, allowing the Canterbury 25 year old to retain her title.

Rio Paralympics hero Anna Grimaldi, having earlier won the Para athlete long jump, placed fifth in the open event, just 0.04m short of her Rio gold medal performance.

The race with the most drama was the women’s 100m hurdles. Favourites Fiona Morrison (Canterbury) and Rochelle Coster (Auckland) ran shoulder to shoulder with defending champion Morrison just starting to gain the ascendancy at the eighth hurdle, when the Aucklander clipped hurdle number nine, crossing into the adjacent lane. She crashed over the final barrier and took out Leanne Ryan of Waikato BoP.

Morrison crossed the line victorious in 13.35, Ashleigh Sando (Waikato BoP) came in second and miraculously, Ryan regained her feet to cross for the bronze medal. Coster was later disqualified.

The only senior men’s field event title went to Jesse Bryant in the men’s long jump with a best jump of 7.22m.

Brad Mathas made it six 800m titles on the trot with a dominant run in the men’s 800m ahead of a delighted Michael Dawson and 1500m specialist Eric Speakman.

Quin Hartley from Manawatu Wanganui took out the men’s 400m while the women’s title went to Megan Kikuchi from Jamie Sowter.

Joshua Hawkins retained his 110m hurdles title in 14.31 from James Sandilands while Waikato Bay of Plenty, featuring the first three finishers in the 100m final, had a big win in the men’s 4x100m relay recording 41.09. The women’s relay title went to Canterbury, featuring Berryman and Morrison.

In the women’s throwing events, Maddison Wesche won the shot put in the absence of Valerie Adams, with a toss of 15.04 metres, Nicole Bradley took out the hammer throw and Madeline Chapman upset national record Holder Tori Peeters with a personal best of 50.98.

The championships, with Hamilton City Council as Principle Partner continue on Sunday with Rio 2016 Olympic medallists Eliza McCartney and Tom Walsh in action.


Senior Men

400m: Quin Hartley (Manwtu/Wang) 48.62s 1, Thomas Smith (HBG) 49.06s 2, Michael Gutry (WaikBoP) 49.37s 3.

800m: Brad Mathas (Cant) 1m 50.66s 1, Michael Dawson (Akld) 1m 51.71s 2, Eric Speakman (HBG) 1m 52.21s 3.

110m hurdles: Joshua Hawkins (Akld) 14.31s 1, James Sandilands (Cant) 14.61s 2, Aaron Booth (Akld) 15.68s 3.

Long jump: Jesse Bryant (Cant) 7.22m 1, Brendon Barnett (Wgtn) 7.06m 2, Liam Speer (Akld) 6.96m 3.

4 x 100m relay: Waikato Bay of Plenty (Ryan Howe, Kodi Harman, Joseph Millar, Cameron French) 41.09s 1, Canterbury 42.38s 2, Auckland 42.43s 3.


Under 20 Men

400m: Luke Mercieca (Akld) 49.47s 1, Harry Symes (Manwtu/Wang) 49.87s 2, Bailey Cotton (Tasman) 50.48s 3.

800m: Tom Moulai (Cant) 1m 53.56s 1, Josh Nairne (Wgtn) 1m 53.58s 2, Liam Turner (Sthld) 1m 54.59s 3.

110m hurdles: Kolone Alefosio (Samoa) 14.77s 1, Ben Kennedy (Akld) 15.01s 2, Tom Gill (Cant) 15.11s 3, Tevita Finau (WaikBoP) 15.48s 4.

Shot put: Ryan Ballantyne (WaikBoP) 19.12m 1, Nick Palmer (HBG) 17.82m 2, Raiarii Thompson (Tahiti) 17.16m 3, Nathaniel Sulupo (Wgtn) 17.01m 4.

Javelin throw: Anton Schroder (Sthld) 54.74m 1, James Tudor (Sthld) 43.66m 2.

Pole vault: James Steyn (Akld) 4.45m 1, Ben Kennedy (Akld) 4.25m 2, Sam Harris (Cant) 4.05m 3.

4 x 100m relay: Wellington (James Robertson, Jake Paul, Josh Nairne, Nick Smith) 43.34s 1, Canterbury 43.76s 2, Auckland 43.81s 3.


Under 18 Men

400m: Michael Graham (Akld) 50.81s 1, Sam Gouverneur (Otago) 51.12s 2, Sam King (Cant) 51.61s 3.

800m: Nick Moulai (Cant) 1m 54.95s 1, Max Spencer (Wgtn) 1m 56.03s 2, Sam Hyde-Smith (Wgtn) 1m 56.76s 3.

110m hurdles: Olly Parkinson (Akld) 14.34s 1, Joshua Shih (Akld) 14.73s 2, Nic Forster (Cant) 14.93s 3.

Hammer throw: Anthony Barmes (Akld) 54.78m 1, Jordyn Hetaraka (Nthld) 49.44m 2, Caleb Moore (WaikBoP) 48.73m 3.

Triple jump: Andrew Allan (Sthld) 13.54m 1, Ryan Churchill (Tasman) 12.91m 2, Keiran Pere (Manwtu/Wang) 12.46m 3.

High jump: Thomas Moloney (Akld) 1.91m 1, Gerard Hickey (Wgtn) 1.87m 2, Daniel Trenberth (Cant) 1.83m 3.

Pole vault: Richmond Wells (Manwtu/Wang) 3.05m 1.

4 x 100m relay: Auckland (Dominic Overend, George Kozlov, Tapasu Paea, James Guthrie-Croft) 42.23s 1, Canterbury 43.76s 2, Wellington 45.13s 3.


Senior Women

400m: Megan Kikuchi (Akld) 56.94s 1, Jamie Sowter (Akld) 57.04s 2, Amy Robinson (WaikBoP) 57.31s 3.

800m: Angie Petty (Cant) 2m 3.35s 1, Katherine Camp (WaikBoP) 2m 3.54s 2, Ellen Schaef (Wgtn) 2m 6.31s 3.

100m hurdles: Fiona Morrison (Cant) 13.35s 1, Ashleigh Sando (WaikBoP) 14.20s 2, Leanna Ryan (WaikBoP) 14.65s 3.

Shot put: Maddison-Lee Wesche (Akld) 15.04m 1, Lauren Bruce (Cant) 13.03m 2, Emma Ryan (Sthld) 10.85m 3.

Javelin throw: Madeleine Chapman (Akld) 50.98m 1, Tori Peeters (Otago) 50.82m 2, Laura Overton (Otago) 48.99m 3.

Hammer throw: Nicole Bradley (Akld) 56.41m 1, Bruce 51.65m 2, Montaya Wharehinga (Wgtn) 51.00m 3.

Long jump: Kelsey Berryman (Cant) 6.40m 1, Mariah Ririnui (WaikBoP) 6.24m 2, Corinna Minko (Aust) 6.08m 3, Ashleigh Sando (WaikBoP) 5.84m 4.

High jump: Alexander Hyland (Akld) 1.76m 1, Lea Muetzel (Manwtu/Wang) 1.66m 2, Madelaine Garbett-Ovens (Akld) 1.66m 3.

4 x 100m relay: Canterbury (Anna Percy, Fiona Morrison, Kelsey Berryman, Summer Rutherford) 46.23s 1, Auckland 46.35s 2, Waikato Bay of Plenty 47.56s 3.


Under 20 Women

400m: Georgia Hulls (HBG) 55.87s 1, Amanada Fitisemanu (Tasman) 56.91s 2, Jessica Hood (WaikBoP) 57.57s 3.

800m: Kelsey Forman (Wgtn) 2m 14.31s 1, Harriet Bish (Cant) 2m 15.03s 2, Georgia Clode (Akld) 2m 15.67s 3.

100m hurdles: Summer Rutherford (Cant) 14.99s 1, Natasha Eady (Akld) 15.44s 2, Ella Ransley (WaikBoP) 15.55s 3.

Hammer throw: Mellata Tatola (Akld) 48.99m 1, Emma Wilson (Sthld) 41.11m 2, Dyani Shepherd-Oates (Sthld) 38.44m 3.

Triple jump: Atipa Mabonga (Sthld) 12.35m 1, Ashleigh Bennett (Taranaki) 11.85m 2, Candice Richer (Tahiti) 11.22m 3, Adriana Mawhinney (Otago) 11.01m 4.

Pole vault: Olivia McTaggart (Akld) 4.20m 1, Imogen Ayris (Akld) 3.95m 2, Kazaya Vos (Akld) 3.15m 3.

4 x 100m relay: Auckland (Greer Noble-Tawhai, Natasha Eady, Maria Hodge, Tamsin Harvey) 48.91s 1, Waikato Bay of Plenty 49.57s 2, Otago 49.74s 3.


Under 18 Women

400m: Maia Broughton (Cant) 56.84 1, Anna Hayward (Cant) 57.42s 2, Samantha Hardie (Tasman) 58.10s 3.

800m: Tessa Hunt (Wgtn) 2m 13.77s 1, Lily Trotter (Cant) 2m 14.13s 2, Krystie Solomon (WaikBoP) 2m 14.34s 3.

100m hurdles: Kayla Goodwin (WaikBoP) 14.37s 1, Cara Lonergan (Akld) 14.71s 2, Tegan Duffy (Cant) 14.89s 3.

Shot put: Tatola 14.43m 1, Jaidyn Busch (Cant) 14.41m 2, Kaia Tupu-South (Akld) 14.13m 3.

Discus throw: Tatiana Kaumoana (WaikBoP) 45.78m 1, Tatola 41.37m 2, Caitlin Bonne (Cant) 41.33m 3.

Long jump: Tegan Duffy (Cant) 5.71m 1, Kayla Goodwin (WaikBoP) 5.65m 2, Genna Maples (Manwtu/Wang) 5.54m 3.

4 x 100m relay: Canterbury (Anoushka Chiswell, Maia Broughton, Pieta Hansen, Anna Hayward) 49.08s 1, Manawatu-Wanganui 49.65s 2, Waikato Bay of Plenty 49.84s 3.


Para athlete Men:

400m: Ethan Rangi (Akld) 55.82s 1, William Stedman (Cant) 56.23s 2, Keegan Pitcher (Akld) 56.42s

Javelin throw: Rory McSweeney (Otago) 47.71m 1.

Discus Seated: Lui Te’o (Akld) 10.69 1.

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