Timothy Cheruiyot smashes the World Lead in the Men’s 1500m – IAAF Diamond League Stockholm 2017

Video courtesy of IAAF Diamond League

Results – Stockholm Diamond League


  1. Ian Fulford MAIBB, B.ed, B.tch. Former Ministerial Appointee Attorney General, Head Coach WC Nat Canberra.

    It appears in Australia talented athletes do no receive development training, sponsorship and medical support along with group development supported with race opportunities. My athletes from the mid 1970’s still hold Australian records. Eg Clay Maurer 3.51.49 1500 16 years. Sylvia former national Women’s Marathon Champion ran 9.56 on grass at 11 years of age. Phill Taylor jumped 2.21m at 16 years of age. The list goes on Mark Everton ran 46.05 in the city to surf at 15 years. Clay Maurer ran 51.29 at 13 years for the city to surf. If I had the talented kids of today with advanced training techniques and opportunities now availble. Well no current records would stand. Technique is lacking in Au. High Jump is the most obvious, we have athletes that should jump 5cm higher at elite level. Our very young need particular protection from our archaic pressure approaches. Having exposure to elite team structures allows a complete programmed approach to nurture advanced development methodology to apply. Injury, and recovery strategies appear to be lacking. We need a swimming model with European coaches to be implemented with particular grass root support for developing athletes, especially support through the teen drop out years.

    When we identify talent it is not enough to talk talent up you need intervention that drives agendas around this talent that is entirely support no pressure driven with unrealistic expectation.

    Winning is a culture not a realisation of hope. Anyhow this is what i think.

    Good luck kids and their suffering non supported coaches and parents. My greatest reward in sport was parents surrendering their children to my uncompromising yet kind approach to success. We all won and loved the sport of athletics, there was controlled pressure and kids were trained to deal with stress and pressure. That was part of our culture and team support.

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