The Rock & Roll Las Vegas Marathon is one of the oldest annual marathons in the USA. It has a current track of 42.195 km for runners to complete, and can close down the popular Las Vegas strip for about 12 hours. It proves that Las Vegas isn’t just about the best places to play casino for real money, but other forms of entertainment are available in the city as well.

Rock & Roll Las Vegas Marathon in 1967

The marathon was first run on 1967 in Clark County, Nevada, and didn’t include routes within downtown Las Vegas. It had the initial aim of attracting various runners from different regions worldwide, which was highlighted when Morris Aarbo of Canada won the first race. And the two runners from Turkey who followed him made the event an even bigger success.

In 1969, the Las Vegas Track Club took over the marathon after its initial sponsorship ended. Then in 1983, Al Boka took over the management, and opened a new fast route for runners. He believed that the downhill track could speed up runners, and let them enjoy the marathon. However, the route was changed after 3 years, when it was proven dangerous for the runners to take the downhill track. 

In 2005, Al Boka sold the marathon to Devine Racing, which changed the schedule of the marathon from January to December. This was to time the event under more favorable weather, and to attract more tourists during the month. Moreover, the race track was moved into the Las Vegas Strip, which starts and  finishes at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

In 2009, the Competitors Group acquired the race, and put it under its “Rock & Roll Marathon Series.” Moreover, it has changed the race track into its current map and location, and has introduced the 1⁄2 Marathon as well. Finally, in 2017, Ironman Group has taken over the race, and still manages it today.

The Rock & Roll Las Vegas Marathon today

Nowadays, the Rock & Roll Las Vegas Marathon has become a pop culture sensation on the Strip. It begins in the evening as the sun sets, then continues through the night. If you’re a competitive runner, you can choose to enjoy its full track of 42.2 km. Otherwise, you can have fun with the half course marathon. 

Others who simply want to have fun are welcome at the event as well. Short distance runners are common each year, with some even wearing costumes as they run. Moreover, runners get to enjoy fabulous music and lighting as they run through the night. And that’s a totally different Las Vegas Strip experience, especially with the roads closed for cars.

How to join the Rock & Roll Las Vegas Marathon 2019

This year, the Rock & Roll Las Vegas Marathon will happen on November 16, 2019. If you want to hop-in and enjoy the marathon, begin by registering on the Rock & Roll Marathon official website. Be sure, however, that you’re at least 18 years old for the full marathon, and at least 12 years old for the half marathon. You can also buy VIP packages to enjoy all kinds of Las Vegas entertainment before you run.  

Also remember to register at least 50 days before the event to receive personalized race apparel and material with your name on it. Moreover, remember that online registration closes on November 3, 2019, at 11:59 pm. Registration     fees are non-refundable as well, but could be deferred if you want to change the running distance.

Begin your running exercise routines now, and prepare for the Rock & Roll Las Vegas Marathon! Enjoy the world’s entertainment capital in a different way!