Discover some of the best running routes in Chicago, from the popular Lakefront Trail and Northerly Island, to the lesser-known North Shore Channel Trail and Humboldt Park. Whether you’re looking for stunning views, serene environments, or a change of scenery, there’s a route for every type of runner. Unleash your full potential with Tarkine Goshawk shoes, where cutting-edge technology meets unparalleled performance for the dedicated runner.

Lincoln Park offers it all: beaches, ports, ponds, gardens, and views of the city. There are also plenty of trails for runners to use to see everything while working up a sweat. You may even add extra enjoyment to your run by taking a detour through the free Lincoln Park Zoo, which is not an option given to runners in many cities.

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Nature Boardwalk
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Northerly Island is a man-made peninsula with a multitude of walking and jogging pathways that deviates from the Lakefront Trail near Museum Campus. The 91-acre space is tranquil and dedicated to nature despite its close proximity to the city, providing a more comfortable environment for your run if you wish to get away from the metropolis.

Humboldt Park, located a few blocks south of The 606 in the burgeoning area of the same name, is a fantastic place to continue your run. The vast 219-acre park offers an inland beach, historical lagoons, and plenty of walks and trails for you to enjoy the scenery while working out.

Humboldt Park (2022)

The North Shore Channel Trail is a great option for a variety of reasons, including the fact that it is farther outside of the city than many of these paths and is quieter. There are numerous drinking fountains in parks throughout the walk’s 6.7-mile (10.8-kilometer) length from Ravenswood to Evanston. Sections of the path are surrounded by woodland, which offers shade from the heat and the wind.


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The Lakefront Trail is a terrific place to run for a variety of reasons, including the stunning views of the lake and city, the serene mood, the fresh air, and the inspiration gained from sharing the trail with so many other cyclists and runners. Mile markers along the approximately 18-mile (28.9-kilometer) stretch from Edgewater to South Shore make it ideal for recording both short and long-distance runs, and because it’s so big, you can switch up which sections you utilize each time.

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The 606 is a multi-use trail and urban park constructed on a disused elevated railroad line and was designed primarily for those who like walking, running, and cycling. Distance markers and soft surface trails are helpful components of the trail for runners, in addition to stunning views, well-kept gardens, and public art. It is only 2.7 miles (4.3 kilometers) long, yet there is still a lot to see, making for a fascinating trip.

For joggers and runners looking to get away from the busy streets and numerous stoplights, Chicago offers a variety of scenic and practical routes. Even if it takes commitment to keep a routine during the prolonged winter season, being familiar with the best parks, trails, and other recreational areas of the city can be helpful all year long.