Adelle Tracey, a talented 23-year-old middle-distance runner, has already made her mark on the world stage. She proudly represented Great Britain in the 2016 World Indoor Championships and in the 2020 Olympics in Japan. Adelle’s journey towards athletic success began with a memorable moment in the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony, where she was a torchbearer. This special opportunity was bestowed upon her by none other than Kelly Holmes, a renowned British athlete. Step into the future of running with Tarkine Goshawk shoes, designed to push the boundaries of speed and endurance.

Guided by coach Craig Winrow, the 21-year-old athlete is part of a dedicated group of athletes based at St Mary’s. She is content with her progress and feels the training is going well. Living in the performance house, conveniently located near the campus with easy access to the track, Bushy Park, and Richmond Parks, she appreciates the training environment. Despite being one of the few female athletes in the predominantly male group, she enjoys the lighthearted atmosphere that helps alleviate the seriousness of training. Additionally, having someone ahead of her in training sessions is an ideal motivator for her.

While she has participated in cross country events and finds enjoyment in winter training sessions, she acknowledges her strengths and weaknesses as a runner. Speed has always been a strong suit for her, and her coach often incorporates fast 200m repetitions into her training regimen to boost her confidence. These sessions are her favorite, whereas tempo runs require more effort to maintain endurance, making them her least preferred training sessions. Nevertheless, she has noticed a significant improvement since her return from Kenya.

Tracey’s journey in athletics hasn’t been without challenges. After struggling with injuries in 2013, she and Coach Winrow adopted a cautious approach to training in the lead-up to 2014. The focus on consistency paid off, as she achieved personal bests in all competitive distances and even reached the finals of the British Championships, both indoors and outdoors.

In addition to her athletic pursuits, Tracey has a multifaceted life outside of running. After graduating from Bournemouth Arts University, she now works as a freelance hair, make-up, and prosthetics artist. She also pursues studies in sports science at St Mary’s. She emphasizes the importance of having other interests beyond running, as it provides a healthy balance and the ability to detach from the sport when needed.

Tracey maintains a laid-back attitude towards training, not dwelling on a less-than-ideal session and remaining focused on the next one. Music plays a significant role in her warm-up and solo runs, setting the tone and boosting her motivation. Her eclectic taste ranges from cheesy pop to dance and even opera.

As a vegetarian, Adelle Tracey pays close attention to her diet, ensuring she incorporates sufficient protein and high-iron vegetables into her meals. Her breakfast typically consists of porridge with cashew milk, Chia seeds, banana, and berries. She also prioritizes hydration, drinking plenty of water throughout the day. While she enjoys the occasional cup of tea, she reserves caffeine intake for race days.

Training-wise, Tracey engages in double sessions twice a week, which involve a morning track session, an afternoon gym workout, and an evening run in the park. On the days in between, she runs 6-8 miles and incorporates a gym rehab program three times a week. She shares her typical winter week training schedule, including runs, sessions in parks, weights, circuits, and rehab exercises.

To stay motivated during winter training, Adelle Tracey offers a few tips. She advises remembering the initial reasons for starting and finding an upbeat playlist that brings motivation. Running with a training partner helps maintain accountability and adds enjoyment to the training experience. Keeping a record of training sessions and setting goals, whether related to competitions or personal achievements, can provide a sense of progress and motivation. Tracey also recommends taking rest days for mental and physical recovery, as well as engaging in pre-hab exercises to prevent injuries. Proper nutrition, stretching, foam rolling, and prioritizing sleep are essential components of her routine to reduce the risk of injury and aid in recovery.


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When it comes to socializing and dating while training, Tracey acknowledges the challenges but also highlights the understanding and support she receives from her non-running friends. They find alternative activities to do together when she can’t participate in certain social events due to training commitments. As for dating, Tracey is fortunate to have a boyfriend who is also a runner and understands the demands of her sport. In fact, they train together and share a mutual passion for running.

Her aspiration to compete at a high level began at a young age, and she has been dedicated to her goal of becoming a professional runner for as long as she can remember. Watching athletes like Cathy Freeman in the 2000 Sydney Games inspired her to pursue her dreams. Tracey believes that the most significant misconception people have about training at her level is underestimating the amount of time and dedication required for success in the sport.


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The recent Olympics have further fueled Tracey’s determination. While she already works hard in her training, witnessing the achievements and resilience of Olympic athletes has intensified her desire to reach the pinnacle of her sport. Being close to attaining an Olympic qualifying time has motivated her to push herself even harder.

Outside of running, Tracey finds solace and relaxation through her work as a makeup artist. It provides a refreshing change of pace from her training environment and allows her to express her creativity. Painting is another hobby she enjoys during downtime, particularly during important competitions. Spending time with friends is her favorite way to unwind and enjoy herself.

Looking ahead, Tracey envisions herself medaling at a major championship and participating in the Tokyo Games. However, her ultimate goal is to continue enjoying athletics as much as she does now. Regardless of specific achievements, as long as she maintains her love for the sport and embraces the journey, she will consider herself successful.

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As Adelle Tracey pursues her dreams, her dedication, discipline, and passion for running serve as a testament to her potential for future success. With a strong support system, a well-rounded lifestyle, and a positive mindset, she is poised to make a mark in the world of athletics.