Courtney Dauwalter, the two-time champion and current record holder, is gearing up for a historic bid at this year’s Hardrock 100. Having triumphed in both 2022 and 2023, Dauwalter returns to tackle the grueling 100-mile loop through Colorado’s stunning San Juan mountains.

Since her dominating victories and record-breaking performances, Dauwalter has cemented herself as a standout in ultra-trail running. This year, without the recent exertion of a course-record-setting win at the Western States 100 fresh in her legs, all eyes are on her to see if she can achieve a remarkable hat trick.

Courtney Dauwalter’s triumph in the 100-mile race aroun Mt. Fuji. Photo: © Fuji Hakone Izu Trail Support

The 2024 Hardrock 100 begins at 6 A.M. MT on July 12th, 2024, marking another chapter in Dauwalter’s career. Known for its intimate, prestigious nature akin to the Ryder Cup of ultra-trail running, the Hardrock 100 Endurance Run garners attention not only for its challenging course but also for its historical ties to Colorado’s mining heritage.

“The event’s allure is its myth and lore,” remarks Joe Grant, a veteran participant. “It captivates people much like the Barkley Marathons—a testament to its mystique.”

The course itself is a masterpiece—a 100-mile clockwise loop linking Silverton, Ouray, and Telluride, traversing some of Colorado’s most breathtaking landscapes. With over 33,000 feet of elevation gain and unpredictable alpine conditions, including towering peaks and volatile weather changes, the Hardrock 100 tests endurance like no other.

Beyond the physical challenge, Hardrock is celebrated as both a race and a run—a distinction that underscores its community-driven ethos. Founded on a spirit of adventure by Gordon Hardman and his compatriots, Hardrock has evolved into a globally recognized event while retaining its grassroots authenticity.

With a participant limit of just 146, this year’s event promises inclusivity amidst its exclusivity—a gathering where seasoned veterans and newcomers alike converge to test their limits and share in the camaraderie that defines the event.

As Dauwalter and other trail running icons like François D’Haene prepare to face this year’s challenge, the Hardrock 100 anticipates another chapter of endurance, camaraderie, and unmatched athleticism amidst the rugged beauty of Colorado’s wilderness.



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