When the troubles and worries of everyday life get to you, it may be hard to find the right motivation to work out. While self-improvement, pertaining to the betterment of the body and mind, depends pretty much on ourselves in the end, still, a little extra incentive is always welcomed and helps to maintain proper discipline. What a perfect world it would be if money was used to reward physical activity, in addition to the satisfaction of getting into shape.

Many mobile apps operate on the premise of propagating healthy lifestyle choices as well as encouraging users to take up a more active approach such as increasing exercise. They are helpful for making training plans, coming up with a suitable diet, managing to-do lists, keeping track of your achievements and making it easier to stick to the designed regimen by creating simple reminders. However, the real game changer might be the development of cryptocurrencies — digital currencies operating on blockchain technology (Who hasn’t heard about Bitcoin?).

Naturally, the idea of a decentralized platform based on this technology isn’t new and has been proved successful for various purposes. Similar concepts have already united the users of online gaming sites, casinos and poker rooms who have embraced cryptocurrency payments. And more ways to utilize this approach are discovered almost every day. A few years back, the project called Movement App started to emerge, with the mission statement oriented toward promoting the most economical and eco-friendly means of transportation that is also good for our well-being — using our own feet. It is also one of the most popular sports disciplines around the globe aside from requiring little money and consistency on regular basis.

Certainly, the team behind the Movement App believed that such work should be more rewarding for people. So, the idea was to create an ecosystem for users to be able to earn coins for going the distance, no matter if it was running or jogging, using the treadmill or walking. Those coins could be later spent on sporting gear, goods and other merchandise as well as on fitness classes or yoga sessions. They would also be interchangeable with tokens and available for trading with other cryptocurrencies. That way, willing participants could make real money while keeping healthy habits. With Bitcoin worth thousands of dollars, this could be a great opportunity to combine business with pleasure.

The Movement App development included a promotional period called an initial coin offering or ICO, which launched in December last year. From their limited activity on social media channels, we can learn that it was indeed delayed until February 2018. Unfortunately, there seems to be no recent news about this interesting enterprise, so we don’t have a way of knowing how they are doing. But that, of course, doesn’t have to mean anything just yet. Perhaps, it is a minor setback. Either way, I’m sure somebody will eventually pick up the slack, and this exciting business venture will find the happy ending it deserves.