Offering mouthwatering sign up or welcome bonus packages to new customers is a well-known strategy for luring them in. Tim Harrison, a betting expert at BetZillion, spoke with Runner’s Tribe about sign up bonuses and their various forms available to bettors. Bookmakers use various strategies to outperform the competition and draw in more customers as the list of bet sites in South Africa rises.

What Are Sign up Bonuses?

Most bookmakers offer new customers different rewards when they sign up on a  betting platform. These bonuses come in various forms and are a means to welcome newbies to the website. You can know more about these bonuses from that video –

The sign up bonus lets players wager more on the website, allowing you to explore various options to get used to the betting platform. You may be eligible for different bonuses depending on the betting site you visit.

There are numerous lists of sites in South Africa that provide rewards to their users. A good number of these sign up bonuses require players to meet a specific wagering condition within a certain time frame before the site can add the bonus to your betting account. Meeting the requirements is crucial to getting your reward, as failure could result in forfeiting this offer.

Some bookmakers allow bettors to reserve their bonus for making their first deposit. It will be if they don’t want to utilize it immediately after signing up. Of course, you should review the bookmaker’s terms and conditions to make the best choice. After you fulfill the requirements, you can use your bonus. 

Additionally, you can only apply your reward on the platform where the operator offers it and not on any other platform.

Furthermore, some betting sites require users to enter a promotional code provided by the bookies to redeem this offer. An alternative to getting promotional codes is from trusted websites associated with the bookmaker.

Additionally, sign up bonuses are one of the driving factors to bookmaker’s expansion and prosperity as it tends to attract traffic to the site.

What Is a Bookmaker Promotion Code?

A bookmaker promotion code is a series of digits or letters that bettors must input when signing up for an account or making a first-time deposit to qualify for a specific bonus.

Usually, these bookmakers offer a promotion code. Bettors can also get the codes from affiliate websites or via advertisements.

It’s easy to use the bookmaker promotion codes. There is usually a field to fill with the ‘Bonus Code’ part when you create an account with the site. You may also get the chance to enter the code when you want to deposit funds into your account.

Types of Sign Up Bonuses

In South Africa, sign up bonuses come in a variety of forms. 

They include: 

  • free bets, 
  • deposit bonuses, 
  • refunded bets, 
  • no deposit bonuses, 
  • risk-free bets. 

Let’s examine these various prizes in more detail.

Free Bets

A free bet bonus is a common variety of sign up bonuses. This reward allows you to place wagers without having to pay any money. In other words, the bookmaker pays all your wagering expenses.

For instance, a betting site might provide free bets equal to 100% of the first deposit. Therefore, if you sign up for an account on that betting site and deposit R200, you will receive an additional R200 in free bets. The only requirement to get this bonus is to fulfill the site’s wagering restrictions before using the free bets.

Deposit Bonus

As the bookmaker provides, a deposit bonus becomes activated after a bettor makes their first online minimum deposit.

The bonus amount at some sports betting companies may be a set amount or a percentage of your initial deposit. The amount is a fixed one with a fixed bonus. For instance, the betting company might add R500 to the deposit of R1000. You will have R1500 to use how you see fit.

Additionally,  the bookmaker only offers a percentage of your deposit when offering a percentage bonus. Therefore, if you deposit R200 and receive a 100% match deposit bonus, you will receive an additional R200. 

Also, some betting platforms limit the amount you can get as a deposit bonus. So, a bookmaker could offer a 100% deposit bonus of up to R500. It means you cannot get more than R500 as a deposit bonus. As a result, if you deposit more than R500, you will only get R500 as your deposit bonus.

No Deposit Bonus 

A no deposit bonus is the closest a bettor can come to a free bet. In this scenario, a sportsbook will automatically deposit a certain amount of free money into a new customer’s account when they sign up. Naturally, these sums are typically lower than other bonuses.

The main difference between no deposit bonuses and free bets is that no deposit is necessary to activate the no deposit bonus.

The minus about this reward is that sportsbooks typically provide no deposit bonuses as frequently as other promotions.

Cash Sign Up Offer

A betting site can provide cash incentives to potential new customers in a cash sign up offer. Your account will immediately receive credit for your registration bonus after registering with the betting site and making your first deposit. Depending on the betting site, the cash payout is often a proportion of the customer’s first deposit.

Remember that you cannot withdraw your cash sign up bonus even if the funds are in your account until you have met the bonus’s wagering requirements.

Sometimes, the bookmaker will credit your cash sign up bonus into a separate “bonus balance” from your primary balance.

Risk-Free Bets 

A risk-free bet is another variety of sign up bonuses. You must use your funds to place a wager while using a risk-free bet. If you lose, you will get all your money back; the bookmaker will credit your account with the amount you wagered. 

In contrast, you will get to retain all your winnings if you win, just like with a standard wage.

Additionally, the bookmaker may ask you to meet the wagering requirements before you can cash out your winnings from the free bet.

Refunded Bet 

One of the most popular bonus types offered by bookmakers is a refunded bet. Its purpose is straightforward. All you have to do is to put your first wager on the sportsbook of an online bookmaker after making your first deposit there. If this first wager is unsuccessful, you will receive a complete refund of your stake, preventing you from having a bad start in your sports betting career.


When comparing the top sites with sign up bonuses, players should consider factors like:

  1. bonus amount, 
  2. wagering conditions, 
  3. bonus validity, 
  4. deposits, 
  5. and others.

Sign up offers are a great addition to the world of sports betting. It is because they give bettors access to a broader range of options within a gambling establishment. As a result, newbies can test various tactics on the betting site with these offers.