More and more e-casino regulars encounter abbreviations like BTC, ETH, or DOGE in the site’s payment section. These stand for popular cryptocurrencies which can be used to gamble real money anonymously. Moreover, the transactions are much more faster and secure than regular banking counterparts. Use btc casino websites now as they are the future of electronic cash entertainment.

For a complete newcomer, the crypto world may come off as tech-heavy and not worth researching. It is a normal first impression but it should not be the reason to ignore this payment method. A quick guide is needed to buy crypto and use it in a bitcoin slot, for example, which can be found below.

Where to get these currencies

Players definitely need storage for their virtual cash which comes in a form of different wallets. Blockchain tokens can be stored on the exchange website, on your personal electronic or physical wallets. Good middle ground will be a personal electronic wallet:

  • MetaMask;
  • CoinBase;
  • Cryptocom;
  • Exodus;
  • Electrum.

They are all easy to set up for a complete beginner and have many video guides on how to do so on YouTube. The tokens themselves can be bought on one of the thousands of exchanges operating worldwide. Binance being a neutral trading space for the most part should be a starting point for any crypto enthusiast. Other valid choices leaning towards their unique features:

  • Kraken;
  • Coinbase;
  • Kucoin;
  • Bittrex;
  • Bitstamp.

In addition, coins are also available in local exchanges if the legislations allow that type of transaction. With a handful of ready-for-gamble tokens in the wallet, the next logical step will be adding them to the casino account.

Add tokens to the casino account

There are a couple of nuances tied to transferring crypto from users to casinos which may seem counterintuitive at the first glance. The major concern during any blockchain transaction is its irreversible matter. It is the result of this area being devoid of any regulations which also impacts the speed and security in a positive way. The best way to avoid this drawback is to check the wallet number before sending cryptocurrency.

Another point of interest is additional fees for using the blockchain. To explain it quickly, each token is hosted inside some blockchain network that is working through the effort of crypto miners. So in addition to the tokens, you are sending there is a small fee in the network’s token to be paid before.

With most gambling places using 3rd party payment processors, there is no reason to think about such a complex matter. This fee will be included in the initial payment, so you do not have to do the mathematics.

With the money on the table, it is time to talk about the ways players can spend it. It is not about games like Bitcoin slots, instead, it is about side activities to increase the overall income. The best bet in that situation will be starting with a welcome offer and other promotions. Get the huge boost at the beginning in order to stay afloat for weeks!