Gambling is good, but it becomes unhealthy when a person is addicted to it. Some gambling addicts do not care about the amount of money they are losing, they even start owing people, or selling things, just because they cannot control their urge to gamble which is bad. Running seems like a good coping method for those who are gambling addicts, it can also lead to them recovering from being a gambling junkie. Gambling addiction and running may seem like two unrelated activities, but they can have a profound impact on each other. Although responsible gambling is always advised to watch out for, some people become obsessed with it and get their thrill from it, and when people want to use running to substitute for gambling, they become unhealthily obsessed with it, leading to issues also.

Benefits of Running for a Gambling Addict

Running releases feel-good hormones in the human body like dopamine and endorphins, which some people also get from gambling. Although it can lead to some people using running as a gambling addiction help, or substitute, it has so many benefits.

  • The first benefit of a gambling addict running is that it provides them with a new identity which is separate from being an addict. They also get a new sense of purpose when they know there are other healthy things they can spend their time doing.
  • For a punter who is an addict, withdrawing from gambling can be difficult. Gambling during childhood, influence through friends and unhappiness can be triggers which will make them relapse. Running provides a way to deal with these triggers.
  • One of the benefits of running is that it allows you to focus more on your goals and dreams and also have enough money to save for yourself and your family. You can join a support group in your area and show up in meetings.  Most people who partake in running are members of a group. They may not only talk about running but also talk about life in general, challenges, accountability, support etc. When a gambling addict shares their issue with one of the runners, they can come up with a plan to help the addict stay accountable as regards their decision not to gamble anymore.
  • Running also increases confidence in the gambling addict. Their self-esteem increases when they see themselves sticking to running. It also increases their belief that they can overcome their addiction.

How Gambling Can Impact Running

Although responsible gambling in CA online casinos is overemphasized, some people do not just pay any heed. So, while you may choose running as a way of coping with your gambling addiction, there are potential risks because gambling can impact running in the following negative ways:

  •  A person who is a gambling addict already has an unhealthy obsession with it. So, gambling can impact running because you are using it as a substitute for it and you may become negatively obsessed with it because you are seeking the thrill or high you usually get from gambling.
  • Another way gambling affects running is that gambling causes people to engage in unhealthy competitions. When you are a gambling addict you always believe that you will win. It doesn’t matter if you are going bankrupt or if you start owing people.
  •  Gambling impacts running because a gambler can sometimes engage in unhealthy competition. They do not care if they are using themselves too hard or participating in races they are not trained for. They even neglect proper care and recovery.
  • Gambling can serve as a distraction from running goals and training, leading to a lack of focus and progress especially for those who have not fully stopped being a gambling addict.

Interconnectedness of Gambling Addiction and Running

1. It serves as a coping mechanism

People gamble as a result of stress and anxiety, and this can get out of control. In most cases, gamblers never quit they will always find the money for their next fix and play avidly. They don’t stress about whether will finally win or not, if they have gone broke, they worry about finding a way to fund their addiction. So, running helps gambling addicts to find a way to cope with their cravings or urges to gamble. Instead of focusing and stressing on gambling, running will refocus them. The endorphins they usually get from gambling will be gotten from running. Hence, you save money for yourself and secure your career.

2. Running as a Replacement Behavior

As earlier stated, running can be used to substitute gambling. The high they get from gambling, or a sense of accomplishment can be gotten from running. So, instead of being a gambling addict which is highly detrimental to the gambling addict, running is more positive because you are getting health benefits from it. It is also a positive reinforcement especially when you compare it to the thrill gotten from gambling. So, for gambling addicts seeking to break free from gambling, channel your energy into a healthier activity like running and you will be grateful you did.

3. Running to Fill Void or Address Underlying Issues

People start gambling because of the emotional benefit they get from it or because of the monetary benefit. But there are times when there are other basic issues why people get into gambling and become addicted in the process. It may be that they have emotional or psychological concerns such as depression, loneliness, or trauma. When you decide to run instead of gambling, you can unknowingly address the underlying issues that caused you to gamble. You get a renewed sense of purpose because you may have running goals you want to achieve each day or week. You may have better self-esteem because you see yourself getting healthier and being able to overcome an addiction and these can positively impact other areas of your life. You will also see yourself stop using gambling to fill your emotional voids or the sense of connection you get when you are in casinos.

4. Potential for Cross-Addiction

While running can be a positive habit for many, there is also a risk of developing a compulsive or excessive exercise habit that mirrors addictive behaviours. For an individual who is already a gambling addict or has other forms of addictions in the past, their addictive tendencies can be transferred to running which is very risky for them. To prevent becoming addicted or obsessed with running, as someone who is recovering from being a gambling addict you can reach out to professionals who can help you. You need to seek a healthy balance so that you do not stop being a gambling addict only to become addicted to running.


Gambling addiction and running may seem like unrelated activities, but they can have a profound impact on each other. While running can be a healthy coping method for gambling addiction, the thrill or high people get from gambling can also lead to an unhealthy obsession with running. A Gambling addict who wants to use running as a way to address their gambling issues should be careful and watchful. By understanding the connection between these two activities, individuals can take steps to ensure a healthy and balanced approach to both. There are counsellors or organizations available out there who can help you change and live a normal life.


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