Running is a great way to stay fit, remain mindful and have fun simultaneously.

There’s freedom when you’re out pounding the tarmac, whether in competition or alone, which you don’t get anywhere else. It’s synchronisation between you and the open road, the great outdoors. There’s nothing between you, no engine pumping out fumes, nothing that breaks the synergy you get from running free.

Of course, if it’s raining or there’s something good on television, it can be hard to appreciate that. The hardest part of running is motivating yourself to get out and run. If you’re one of the three million runners Athletics Australia suggest hit the road every week, it can be great to get out, but almost all amateur runners have, at some point, faced runner’s block. If you’re doing it just to stay fit and healthy, it can be tough to pull on your running shoes and get out there.

How can you motivate yourself to run? We’ve got some handy tips that will help push you through that wall and get you back out on the tracks and paths as soon as you can.


Music is a great way to motivate yourself in all situations, and running is no different. Gala Bingo states that it has a way of lifting your spirits and motivating you to power through any challenge, including running. They believe songs such as Eye of the Tiger can help motivate you, especially as it draws images of Rocky hitting the tough streets of New York. All you need is a pair of headphones (ideally wireless) and a good playlist. The type of music you listen to depends on your taste; it might be a powerful drum and bass that gets your feet moving or raucous rock. Who knows, you might even feel inspired to stay out there by some classical tunes. The type of music doesn’t matter if it motivates you.


Running with a purpose is another great way to stay motivated. This might be competing with yourself or with others. Apps such as Strava, or any of the alternatives on offer, allow you to record your best times around circuits and keep track of your personal best. If you’re a competitive person, then every chance that trying to beat yourself will keep you motivated. You might find that joining a club or running with a friend is another way to have a bit of competition like in a casino roulette (try free on this page); you might drive each other to be better. If you’ve hit a running wall, then try to introduce an element of competition and see if you’re more motivated afterwards.


Many runners hit a wall because they get bored; they might set off from the house, turn left and make a familiar loop. If you do it at the same time of day, you will likely encounter the same people doing the same things; boring! Try to mix up where you run, and don’t be afraid to drive a little way to run somewhere new. Again, an app can be a great companion, helping you find new routes and interesting places to run. Variation in your routes should help keep you motivated to get and enjoy running once again.

If you’ve found the motivation to get out there, you might be looking for next-level tips to becoming a better runner; we’ve got you covered!