It’s summer in Australia. For many of us, that means: get on your bike! Cycling is trendy. For a long time now, we have not only encountered the classic two-wheelers on the roads, which already enjoy a centuries-old tradition. Cool mountain bikes, fast racing bikes, and practical e-bikes are now also mingling with bicycle fleets. On average, cycling is becoming more and more popular, so it’s no surprise that creative and exciting innovations conquer the market every year. Experience the perfect blend of agility and support with Tarkine Trail Devil shoes, crafted for those who demand excellence in every run.

In addition to their active lifestyle, many cyclists seek various forms of leisure and entertainment in their free time. Online casinos have emerged as a trend in the world of entertainment, with Slotozen Casino Australia being a prominent representative in this field. 

Scientifically proven, the opportunity to experience emotional satisfaction without leaving home or after long bike rides stimulates cyclists (and not only) to develop their thinking, agility, and cunning. This greatly impacts their emotional state. It is comparable to purchasing a new gravel bike. And who wouldn’t be thrilled by such an opportunity?

So what are the most interesting cycling trends in 2023? We will share all of them with you.

1. Universal cycling accessories

In 2023, the market will see more versatile bicycle models, among which gravel bikes stand out. This is because a gravel bike is a combination of a road bike and a mountain bike for off-road use, so it works effectively both on and off-road. In fact, the marketability of gravel bikes can be traced back to 2019. According to NTP, gravel bike sales were up 109% in 2021, compared to record revenue in 2019.

The emergence of all-purpose gravel bikes, which are designed for commuting, sports, and off-road travel, is driving the need for travel bike accessories. Examples of accessories include a handlebar bag or a longer and larger bag that is mounted on the bike frame.

In addition to these accessory bags, more individualised, personalised cycling gear is expected to emerge in 2023, with a growing number of cyclists looking for more creative ways to easily distinguish their gear from others. 

2. Smart bike locks

Most of us know the shattering feeling: you step out of your apartment building, come home from work or the supermarket and find that the bicycle that was parked and sometimes even meticulously secured just a short time ago has disappeared. You are not alone in this. Every year, around 200,000 to 300,000 bicycles are reported stolen to the police in Australia. It gets even more serious issue because many bicycle thefts are not reported to the police at all and are thus not recorded anywhere. This means that the actual number of stolen bikes is probably much higher.

It is possible that there are now new ways to make it more difficult for thieves, such as locks that can be opened via an app. There is neither a key nor a code. The only way to open the lock is with your own smartphone. Via app and Bluetooth connection, the owner(s) can initiate the unlocking.

Another advantage is that many smart locks are equipped with an alarm system similar to that of cars. If someone other than the owner of the bike tampers with the lock for more than a few seconds, an alarm sound is triggered. This signal can reach a volume of up to 100 decibels — thus alerting bystanders to the situation.

We like this bicycle trend. After all, we all want our two-wheelers to stay with us as long as possible.

3. The folding bicycle helmet

One thing that should never be missing when cycling is the bicycle helmet. Every day, cycling accidents happen on the roads, and many lives have been spared simply because the person concerned was wearing head protection. Unfortunately, many people also regularly suffer far worse and sometimes even fatal injuries that could be avoided by wearing a bicycle helmet.

One of the reasons that the bicycle helmet is rejected by many people is the problem of storage. After all, the helmet of the bicycle ride has to go somewhere — if you cycle in the town, for example, you would not like to keep the helmet on your head there in the café. Carrying it around with you is impractical, and locking it to the bike lock is too insecure. It also takes up too much space in a backpack or bag.

There is now a solution to these problems. The foldable bicycle rainwear, which we already know, is now followed by the foldable bicycle helmet. The advantages are the size and the weight. Because the bicycle helmet can be folded, it is many times smaller than a regular model. This makes it much easier to stow in a bag or backpack and leaves more space for other things. In addition, foldable bicycle helmets weigh less — on average, only about 400 grams. This makes transport more comfortable. We think this invention is cool and hope that it might persuade one or two doubters to buy a bicycle helmet to protect their own heads after all.

4. Environmentally friendly SUVs

You read that right. In 2023, there will even be green SUVs. For those unfamiliar with the original SUVs, these are huge off-road vehicles with fat tyres that are designed for difficult surfaces, steep terrain and wild weather, yet are surprisingly often used by individuals to do their weekly shopping. People often complain about these cars in city traffic because they are unnecessarily large and thus waste a lot of space, are noisy and also pollute the environment a lot.

Now you are probably asking yourself: Why are these SUVs suddenly supposed to be environmentally friendly? And what does all this have to do with bicycle trends? Quite simply — some bicycle manufacturers have taken it upon themselves to develop so-called “SUV bikes”. These have a similar claim to cars. They should be able to cope with rough surfaces and, at the same time, be suitable for everyday use. Characteristics of SUV cars are the large, wide tyres that we also find in SUV bikes, hence the name. The wheels are suitable for heavy terrain because of their stability, but at the same time, they can also be used in everyday life. Now you probably understand what an SUV bike looks like.

This trend is more popular than its car counterpart. After all, SUV bikes are neither overly large nor loud or polluting. If you’re a fan of big cars, perhaps you might also take a liking to the “green SUVs” in bike form.

5. The electronic air pump

A bicycle needs regular maintenance and care. This includes inflating the tyres. It is annoying when you get a flat tyre in the middle of a bike tour or forget to inflate the wheels before the trip. Although there are now small mini air pumps that can easily be stowed in your rucksack, these guarantee an extra round of sweating. Powerful air pumps are usually so bulky that they hardly find a place on the bike or in the luggage without getting in the way.

There is now a small but very effective solution for this: the so-called electric air pump. In principle, it is simply a compressor in miniature format. For cyclists, this means: pumping up air at the push of a button! That sounds practical (and it is), but it also comes with another thing to keep in mind. The battery of the e-pump does not last forever and needs to be recharged after 8 tyres on average. If you forget to do this, you could end up stranded in the countryside without an air pump.

6. Bike racks to take along

Sports cyclists, in particular, will be familiar with this: racing bikes and mountain bikes often don’t have a bike stand bolted to them. Although it is quite easy to attach one yourself, bike racks for both mountain biking and road biking mean extra weight, which is undesirable and even a hindrance for both sports. There is now a new gadget for this — the “To Go” bicycle stand.

This is a small device that can be folded up and stowed in your luggage. On average, such a mobile bicycle stand weighs only half a kilogram and does not have to be screwed on and off every time. Depending on whether you are planning a leisurely bike tour or a sporty excursion, you can either take the stand with you or leave it at home. This means that the bike does not have to be put down in the meadow, nor is it necessary to permanently have an annoying extra on the bike.


The year 2023 brings many innovations, also in the field of cycling. Cycling is becoming increasingly popular and can almost be considered a trend in itself — so it’s not surprising that many companies and providers are investing time and money to come up with exciting new inventions. Have fun, and off you go into the summer!