The coronavirus pandemic has affected each country’s economy in the world due to lockdown restrictions. This has enabled a drop in the earnings of top athletes in the world.  The top earning athletes in the world Messi and Ronaldo have been affected, and other players that have taken a pay cut due to the current situation.

Even though that might be the case right now, the highest paid athletes in the world are still there. Basketball and football remain the most popular sports. The likes of Tiger Woods and Serena Williams have gone beyond their sports and they have gained the much-needed global following.

Well, without wasting much of your time, let us look at the highest paid athletes in the world. You might not be part of this group of people. Surely, you can be the highest paid when you play new casinos online games and win real money today.

Carson Wentz – $59.1 million

The American football player is amongst the top earning athletes in the world, earning a whopping 59.1 million a year. The quarterback is the face of the NFL very prolific and loved by many players and the fans as well.

He has brought some amazing records for the Philadelphia Eagles. This includes touchdowns along with completions. The 24 year old is earning $4 million on endorsement deals alone.

Tiger Woods – $62.3 million

Even though he has some previous scandals and many people, casting doubts on his career. He is still one of the most famous athletes to this day. Tiger is earning $60 million from the endorsement deals only and $2 million from his salary earnings and from real money slotsgames. This is actually real money and that has made him to be part of this list.

In addition, some of his money also comes through the trophies and the participation of various golf tournaments in the world.