Football has always been the biggest sport in the world. If you love football, then you might want to consider becoming a professional footballer. This article lists the top five footballers in the world who have played at the highest level.

Christiano Ronaldo. 

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best football players in the world and he’s currently playing for Real Madrid with Lionel Messi as his rival who is known as a Barcelona player. He holds many records on FIFA 16 such as achieving the most goals, assists, shots etc., including scoring more hat tricks than any other player.

Lionel Messi. 

Many people may not know this about him but he had won the Ballon d’Or once before. Not only did he win it himself, but he also took part over the last 10 years. Overall he is considered to be just the greatest football player ever when it comes down to stats and achievements.Did you know that you at mobile casinos you can bet on any soccer player and stand a chance to win big

Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

He plays for Paris Saint-Germain where he scored an impressive amount of goals from midfield compared to Cristiano Ronaldo and Zinedine Zidane. Even though he’s not that tall, he manages to get so high because of how well-built he is. His goal-scoring record looks very good, which isn’t bad considering he was nominated for Puskas Award three times.

Robert Lewandowski.

He plays mainly on the left side of front or centre forward, though sometimes he does play upfront. One of his main strengths lies in his heading ability which makes him effective in creating chances for teammates. He has made great progress in recent years by discovering his shooting power and accuracy in Poland.


He is generally regarded as the current best player in the EPL (English Premier League). He is talented, even if he doesn’t score goals, he creates fantastic opportunities which help his teammates to finish them off, therefore, he is the key to PSG’s success.

In conclusion, these are the top five footballers around the world. We hope you have learnt one or two things from the article. We also recommend that you check out the best online pokies games you can play.