Barbados is magical, exotic and delicious! With natural and artificial treasures to admire and mystify, Barbados has everything you need to stimulate and satisfy even the most curious. It is about discovering and going beyond the imagination in places where panoramic landscapes and scientific anomalies coexist while appealing to the romanticism that lies dormant in us! It’s all supported by luxury villas and vacation rentals, something you can find by accessing

When we invite you to explore and discover Barbados! It is such a beautiful island, and every corner of the island offers exciting opportunities to see and learn something new and interesting! Every nook and cranny has nuggets of gold to cherish, legends and mysteries to inspire and amaze! Barbados has everything to please history buffs, geographers and sightseers! Hard to believe? Well, check them out for yourself!

The hunting safe

Erie and intriguing, Chase’s hunting cellar which is located in Christ Church Parish to the south of Barbados, was the final resting place of the Chase family.  The story of the resting place has been part of Barbadian folklore for years. Lead coffins were buried and, according to legend, moved into the vault. In 1833, when the chapel was opened for the burial of a family member and coffins already buried would have been mysteriously and inexplicably moved.  Some were even found upside down. The coffins were always set up, and the entrance was tightly sealed, but it was said that every time the vault was reopened, the coffins were never in their place and there was no external evidence suggesting human intervention. Although the chapel has since been abandoned and coffins moved, the phenomenon has challenged any scientific explanation.  

Gravity at Cherry Tree Hill

Known for its breathtaking view of the Scottish District, in St. Andrew’s Parish, in the east of the country, Cherry Tree Hill is a must-see for your Barbados getaway. At about 250 meters above sea level, it is not only a beautiful place that highlights our beautiful countryside, but it is also the place of mystery that has amazed locals and visitors alike. It is a place that contradicts the laws of gravity and vehicles do not behave as they should. Who has heard of a parked car going up? Well, that’s exactly what’s happening on Cherry Tree Hill. How is it possible? Invisible and ghostly hands propel stopped vehicles in their climb? Come experience it for yourself!

Garrison Tunnels

What is more exciting and mysterious than stealthy underground activities, where “murders, executions, crimes and punishments” were well-known events? Discovered quite by chance, during the restoration of George Washington House, temporary residence of US President George Washington during his only trip outside the United States, the tunnels of the garrison are almost 200 years old. Comprising 3 km of networked underground corridors, the tunnels are between 12 and 17 feet below the garrison area, which is part of the Barbados World Heritage property of Barbados. Although research suggests that they were used for drainage and to facilitate the movement of soldiers around this military site, they also sadly recall the horrors of the slave trade, providing a deep blanket at the clandestine disposition of the bodies that were taken to sea. If you have a penchant for the macabre, this one is for you!


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