Boxing is one of the sports that has a great history of hosting a lot of fans around the world with the best boxers like the late Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, etc. from the strongest to the most gifted, boxing has science that has never been proven which remains as a mystery that attracts a lot of fans until today. Below are some of the greatest matches that make the history of Boxing a total brilliance.Did you know that you can sa online casino games yo can bet on your favourite boxer and stand a chance to win big.

Muhammad Ali vs George Foreman (1974)

1974 marks one of the greatest years in boxing entertainment for a lot of sports fans. One of the boxing legends Muhammad Ali went against one of the most powerful punchers of that time George Foreman. The match is described as hell on earth as the young Ali allowed the big Foreman to hit him covered on the ropes until the 8th round. After the 8th round, the exhausted foreman saw Ali capitalizing and delivering a knock through the right hand. This match marked the end of Foreman’s reputation as a boxer. 

Mayweather vs Pacquaio (2015)

The second on the list is the match between Mayweather against Pacquaio which was the most anticipated match in boxing history. This is the highest-gross boxing match ever in the history of Boxing pulling around US$410 million. The match took a decade to put as many fans had demanded this match. With Mayweather dominating as it seems like he is the one who was throwing hard punches than the opponent to grab a win. 

Tyson vs Holyfield (1996)

One of the most shocking matches in boxing was in 1996 when Holifield defeated Tyson to grab the WBA Heavyweight title. Tyson fans had faith in their champ as they thought a rematch was fair after a “fluke” wins by Holifield as they thought. The famous bite by Tyson to Holyfield saw Tyson being disqualified marking a second loss. The match has been described as one of the greatest unpredictable matches of that time as it was a win or loss like betting.


Boxing matches are known to attract a lot of fans and it is a culture that has been established by these matches that took place in the 90s and 80s. These are some of the greatest matches of all time that left the world asking for more until today, did you know that you can win big at best casino games in the uk just for betting on best boxer of your choice.