Sponsorship in running has never been as lucrative as in other sports like football, but times could soon be about to change. Interest in running has ballooned in recent years, with around 50 million Americans now enjoying the activity. That equates to 15 percent of adults, showing how the industry is beginning to boom. It has reached a stage at which professional runners have a great chance of earning more money than ever before.

How Do Athletes Make Money?

The only thing better than hitting that runner’s high and experiencing those amazing feelings surging through your body is to get paid for it at the same time. Unfortunately, though, only a small proportion of runners can turn the exercise into a money-spinner. In the United States, around 50 percent of professional runners earn less than $15,000 per year, meaning that most of them need to pursue other careers outside of the sport. Obviously, this isn’t ideal, as it can be a major disruption to training schedules.

To earn extra money outside of running, athletes need to try to get sponsorship deals. This is easier said than done, though, as a lot of the biggest brands try to strike out in other sports where there’s more money to be made. The main sponsors in running tend to be the brands that make the running gear. However, big businesses like Virgin do love marathons, as these events tend to get a lot of attention.

Thanks to social media, it’s a perfect time for runners to get more exposure. Those who can build up a massive network of followers will make themselves more attractive prospects for brand sponsorships. This could be the best way for athletes to increase their earnings.

Sponsorships Can Add Reliable Streams of Revenue

Runners need to take a leaf out of the books of other professionals whose earnings often need to be supplemented by additional endorsements. Someone who pursues a career in gambling, for instance, lives life on an uncertain basis. According to the full article here, asking a gambler how much they make is like asking how long a piece of rope is. For this reason, they need to explore other revenue streams.

People who want to get into gambling can opt for sites like Bonusfinder to help them choose a casino to play at. By making the most of a welcome offer, such as free or bonus spins, they can get off to a strong start. From there, they can push on to try to earn sponsorship deals.

The poker industry probably has the most sponsorships and endorsements, as professional players often wear brand logos on their shirts. Professional runners endorse brands in the same way when they are seen running in their kits, while those at the top of the game can attract lucrative deals where they get paid to sport the clothes.

In fact, there are examples of sponsorships and endorsements as a result of people pursuing their passions in all sorts of different industries. For instance, cooking enthusiasts with a large following get endorsements for using culinary brands’ equipment during their shows, while eSports streamers get sponsorships for gaming controllers, clothing, and even furniture. 

Runners could look to professionals in the gambling, influencing, eSports – or just about any other industry you can think of – for inspiration. The successful people from these different sectors supplement their earnings with brand endorsements. Having these additional revenue streams will help runners feel more financially secure and allow them to focus on their training regimes.