A professional running career is an exciting way to spend your life if you are good enough to do it.  Unfortunately, most professionals have retired by the time they are in their mid-30s, which leaves them living the rest of their lives with a lot of free time on their hands.  So how do professional runners fill their time after retirement?


Runners get to travel to a lot of different countries when they are competing, but they tend to see only the airport, hotel, and running track when they are there.  Many runners enjoy spending their retirement years traveling around the world and seeing all the sights they missed when they were working. 

Staying In Shape

Professional runners have spent many years training their bodies and putting a lot of pressure on themselves to perform and compete.  This doesn’t just stop when they retire.  Most runners will carry on running even if they no longer compete at the top level because this is what they love to do.  Runners can be found jogging around the local park, or even competing at a more amateur level until they are well into their 60s.  

Playing Other Sports

Some runners decide to switch sports entirely and take up something that they have never had the time to try before such as soccer or tennis.  They may not be good enough to compete at a professional level in these sports, but it certainly keeps them in shape.

Keeping Their Brains Active

As well as keeping their bodies active retired runners also like to keep their minds sharp and active too.  Many of them play the online games found at spincasino.com to keep their minds sharp and to give themselves something to concentrate on.  Others like puzzles such as crosswords or sudoku.


Professional runners tend to be very focused on what they are doing to the detriment of the world outside running.  Once their professional career is over, they find that they have time to read all the books they had wanted to read but had never had time to.  Others like to catch up on the news daily and stay abreast of current affairs once they are living in a world outside of their running training. 

Catching Up with Friends

Professional running is a busy career and runners don’t have a lot of free time to catch up with their friends.  They like to make up for this once they have retired and spend a lot of time catching up with friends, they have made throughout their running career or even outside of it.

Working Part-Time

Some runners find that retirement isn’t for them and will find a part-time job to stop them from getting bored.  Sports reporting or journalism are popular options, as are coaching and working for a gym.

Professional runners find a variety of different ways to fill their time once they have retired and often partake in so many activities, they don’t have time to get bored.