Despite multi-million dollar contracts and lucrative endorsements, only a handful of elite athletes can earn multi-million dollar contracts. Some runners may want to turn their running hobby into a business when they’ve gotten hooked on it. This is not a simple job, but it’s awesome! Although most runners won’t earn much in pro running, if you work hard and plan your career path correctly, you can make a lot. Most runners turn to different ways to earn more, and some even like to gamble – but don’t rely strictly on it as a source of income. However, even if that is not their main source of income, some of them still love playing at new casinos available on the market. Some athletes prefer $1 depot casino, because it gives you the opportunity to feel the atmosphere of online casinos without spending a lot of money. Either way, you can always check out the best casino bonus in Sweden. Apart from that, here are some other ways professional runners make money.

Financial Issues Over The Past Few Years

Many just barely make ends meet. Runners in the United States have been struggling financially for years. Apart from those who win global awards such as gold medals in marathons or medals in global races, the majority of distance runners struggle to earn enough money to cover their personal expenses, as well as car maintenance, health care, gym memberships, and massage. As a result of the pandemic, many racing opportunities have been lost. 

Further, shoe companies have reevaluated their sports marketing budgets, from which runners receive their compensation. Experts say this has led to an increasing rift between those with money in the sport and those without. Many of the most successful athletes, whether they make the Olympic team or star on the road, receive generous base salaries and bonuses and some even get more income from playing at the best online casinos that payout every once in a while. There are many others who struggle to make ends meet, with smaller contracts, if they get any, and who supplement their shoe company earnings with part-time work.

DOHA, QATAR – OCTOBER 06: Nia Ali of the United States competes in the Women’s 100 metres hurdles final. (Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images for IAAF)

Become A Running Store Employee or Open and Online Store

How often do you track the newest running technologies and gear trends? Then take a look at whether your local running store is looking for new employees. Smaller shops might hire you as an inventory employee, salesperson, training program coach, or jack-of-all-trades employee, depending on its size. Even though you might not be the best career choice to become a cashier at your local running store, taking up a part-time job will help you become part of the community. With more experience, it can be an excellent way to expand your running knowledge.

After running for a little while, you should have some idea of what running gear and accessories work. Using your knowledge and experience to help other runners find the best gear is one way to leverage your expertise. Launch your own online store and sell items that runners from all over the world will enjoy. Your website can be made into an online store, an online portfolio, or an affiliate site as well. 

Building an online website is not as expensive as starting a brick-and-mortar business. It’s not necessary to purchase, lease, or rent a physical store, take out insurance, hire employees, pay property taxes, or deal with any other needs related to a physical store. It’s as easy as choosing a domain name, setting up your website, posting your product listings, and earning money.

Blog About Running

It may be an interesting idea for you if you are both a runner and have a thing for words, to write about running. This is especially true if you have valuable information, ideas, and tips to share. Blogging about running is a great way to share these things. There are many advantages that come with blogging.

How to start a blog? Here are the first steps to make:

  • Choose a name for your blog – Your blog’s name should be descriptive.
  • Registrate your blog and obtain hosting – One of the most important technical parts of the whole process.
  • Make your blog unique – You can customize an existing template or pick out a free one.
  • Get your first post published – Express your ideas to the world. 
  • Getting people to read your blog – Increase the number of people who read your blog through marketing.
  • Earn money by blogging – There are several options for monetizing your blog.

As a writer, you’ll get to write about topics that are important to you while building your brand and expressing your perspectives. As a result, you can easily develop your online portfolio to attract potential clients and freelance jobs. Thanks to all the technological advances, the whole process of setting up and running a blog takes 15 minutes. To get started, you need a blog hosting package. Getting a domain name and hosting package at the same time can cost something like a few bucks per month. Next, choose a niche that is suitable for your business. The list of possible niche areas for running blogs is long.

As an example, you could browse blogs that cover beginner’s running, stamina training, marathon running, nutrition for runners, running for older people, running injury, and the female running. Choose a niche you have a passion for and create quality content, then design a well-designed blog to help your blog rank higher in search engines. 

There are numerous ways to earn money blogging, including advertising, offering your service, partnering with brands, operating a paid membership website, and affiliate marketing. The most lucrative venture is blogging, but building a business around making money from blogs takes time. Before you start earning any money, it might take months or years.

Become a Brand Ambassador on Instagram

When you cultivate a large following on Instagram, you may be able to make good money from the platform. It’s even more critical if you’re already posting pictures about running. You can use Instagram to build an audience, build brand awareness, solicit feedback, and test products. 

Using an IG account, you can also promote ads, post sponsored content, or become an ambassador for a brand. It might be possible to be your own ambassador in case you already have merchandise. A large following and a high engagement rate are what sponsors look for on Instagram. You’ll also need a large audience who is interested in running to make your Instagram page a money-making machine.

This can help you get into coaching as well. Recruiting a great running coach might be easy if you have a passion for helping people exercise. In spite of what is commonly believed, running coaches aren’t exclusively reserved for elite athletes. A good running coach can be a great source of guidance for beginners and intermediate runners to help them reach their training goals. 

Coaching youngsters, offering virtual coaching and training services online and helping complete beginners get their first steps are all things you can do as a running coach. Unless you happen to be a superrich running coach in the near future, a career as a running coach could fulfill your passion for running and desire for helping others. Instagram can help you with that.

Summing It Up

Earning a decent amount of money via a running career can be a little tricky. However, you can also use the skills you managed to hone to your own advantage. There are so many different  options you can try, and just remember this – it might be hard, but doing what you love is far more rewarding than a good salary. Perhaps one or more of these ideas will assist you in getting started making money in the running niche. Therefore, don’t give up your hopes, there are a number of ways you can earn a living through running.