The problem of fraud in online casinos is a very relevant issue. Many new gamblers who attempt to register in online establishments often complain about fraud on various gambling platforms. 

Gambling fraud involves cybercriminals who perform various attacks in order to cheat bookmakers or online casinos. Such actions occur when scammers try to manipulate a gambling website. Read the useful information to protect yourself from a negative experience.

How to Detect Fraud in an Online Casino?

Inexperienced gamblers will find it very useful to know how to detect fraud in different online casinos. This will help prevent the occurrence of accidents. To determine the reliability of an online casino, you need to pay attention to different fraudulent factors.

Multiple accounts are a standard type of scam. They can be used as the basis for various gambling attacks. Scammers usually create a large number of accounts in which they use authentic data. The creation of a large number of gambling accounts is carried out for the following purposes:

  1. Misuse of bonuses. When cheaters create a lot of gambling accounts, they accordingly receive welcome bonuses for registration. If the administration of the company does not monitor this factor, it will incur losses. Under the rules of many online casinos, players are forbidden to register more than one account.
  2. Gnoming. It is also the use of a large number of accounts only for intentional losses. Fraudsters in such cases can take all the winnings bonuses for themselves.
  3. Chip Dumping. A popular practice in poker. As in the case of creating a large number of accounts, cheaters join the same table to cheat the system and thereby affect the final result of the game.
  4. Hacking of payment systems. Payments in online casinos are made via digital wallets. Therefore, gamblers may encounter losses in the process of processing fraudulent hacking.
  5. Stolen credit cards. Scammers often use information from stolen cards to make deposits. Accordingly, such use of funds is illegal.
  6. Deposit refund. For example, after topping up your game account, it was hacked. Then swindlers request a refund of the deposit on your behalf and it is made not to your details but to the payment details of the swindlers.
  7. Mobile account replenishment. If you often withdraw winnings via this method, you may have a higher risk of encountering fraud. When there is a Paysafecard casino online it is better to use this payment method. 

Fraud should be monitored by the management of every online casino. Such a problem can be encountered at any time. Gaming platforms often handle large amounts of money, which attracts the attention of scammers. Reliable online casinos use high-quality encryption to protect customers’ personal data and payment transactions. 

Is It Possible to Prevent Fraud in Online Casinos?

The reliability of the gaming platform is one of the important aspects that players consider when choosing a gambling establishment.

Safe and popular online casinos almost always use KYC  (knowing your customer) methods. Therefore, you may encounter a thorough identity verification when registering.

For the safety of the gambling platform, it is recommended to follow these steps when registering new customers:

  • identity verification – in order to perform payment transactions, reliable online casinos require verification of new users;
  • verification of age – according to the law, only customers of legal age can register at online casinos;
  • verification of publicity – in this case, each client is checked for relationships with persons with prominent public positions.

The process of registering a new account seems simple at first glance. The company conducts an extremely thorough verification process. When it comes to the rules and conditions of use of the gambling platform, it is clearly stated that it is strictly forbidden for one player to create multiple accounts. Such a violation will result in the blocking and deletion of the gaming account.

During the registration process, many companies also conduct an additional check for fraud. This is done through the following aspects:

  • device usage information – sometimes suspicious usage can be recognized;
  • email address verification – the email address is often linked to social networks, so it makes it easier to trace individual gambling accounts;
  • IP Fraud Check – it helps to find out the internet usage data, the user’s location, and therefore where the fraudulent activity can take place. 

If you are exploring an online casino that accepts Paysafecard, be careful. Before you choose a gambling platform to play for real money, you should pay attention to important points.

How to Choose a Safe Online Casino?

In order not to encounter fraud in gambling, it is recommended to choose only proven and reliable online casinos. The main criteria that you should pay attention to are as follows:

  • Valid license – a safe online casino always has a license issued by the Gambling Commission (e.g., the UK or Malta);
  • payment methods – check for cooperation with verified international payment systems;
  • cooperation with popular casino game providers – secure online casinos cooperate with software providers, such as Microgaming, NetEnt, and Evolution; it is not recommended to choose game platforms that work with unknown software suppliers;
  • verification of new users – all secure online casinos have such requirements so that players can safely and securely conduct payment transactions.

Pay attention to what banking methods are available at online casinos. A reliable option is an online casino Paysafecard. This is one of the safest payment methods used to make a deposit. Unlike other payment methods, you do not have to register and disclose sensitive information about your bank account or credit card. 

Thanks to Paysafecard, you can make a deposit safely. All you need is to buy a special voucher. To make a deposit, you will need to enter the 16-digit code that is printed on this voucher. This way your money will be transferred to your online casino game account.

This is a convenient and secure payment method, which is available in more than 40 countries. It is used by many gamblers in order to protect personal data. Paysafecard is available in the UK but it cannot be used by gamblers from Australia and the United States. 

Useful Tips to Combat Online Fraud

If combating gambling fraud is important to you, you need to understand that doing it yourself is a highly problematic task. The only way to effectively fight scammers is with the participation of third parties. This list below provides you with the resources you need to help in this difficult yet important matter:

  • identity verification programs;
  • access to the list of political and public figures;
  • access to monitoring;
  • withdrawal control and deposit monitoring. 

Fraud in any case negatively affects the online casino’s reputation. Furthermore, there will be other disadvantages for both the establishment’s management and the customer. The main disadvantages include:

  1. Loss of income. If a user’s game account is hacked, then he can lose all the money he has won and the money he still had on deposit. The company also loses income since the lawsuits with the users are initiated. In any case, they negatively affect the reputation of the online casino.
  2. Loss of resources. Employees spend a lot of time tracking down cheaters to reduce the risks for gamblers but users themselves are often involved in this process as well. It is required to spend time reviewing the online casino to make sure that it is reliable.
  3. Reduced customer satisfaction. If the management of a gaming platform cannot solve the problem of fraud, sooner or later its reputation will be in a terrible condition.

Often online casinos face such a problem when the employed support staff eventually becomes a participant in fraudulent schemes. In this case, there is great damage caused to the company. Now such cases are rare. it is so because the administration of online casinos is conducting a thorough screening of staff with further monitoring in order to avoid even a possibility of such mishaps.

Pay attention to what casino games developers offer their products at a particular establishment. Online casinos should cooperate only with the best software providers. This contributes to the fairness, reliability, and safety of the gaming experience Reputable software providers have a license for each game you choose on the gambling platform. Enjoy gambling safely without risk.