No one has expected a lockdown that would happen so abrupt that people just had to deal with it the best they could in an instant. This has led to a lot of people not exactly knowing how they’re gonna go about their everyday life since many have disrupted routines all for the sake of staying safe at home. Still, people are doing their best with their time and in some families, this means continued learning for their children, getting creative in food preparation each day and trying to experiment with new hobbies and skills. It can be easy to get lost in this sudden change of lifestyle and though it is at best temporary, people should still stay healthy and fit while spending their time at home. This is often overlooked because of the many distractions around. 

At this time, you cannot expect your gym to be open for you so prepare yourself for doing home workouts because even a lockdown is not an excuse to skip on fitness. 


This might be the perfect time for you to try out dancing to Zumba. You know you have been wanting to try out those dance moves when you see people doing it at the park or the gym but you were way too shy to do it yourself. Now might be the time to do it at home, be it by yourself or with your housemates. Since there aren’t so many audiences around to pry on what you are doing, you can easily move those hips and do those dance moves the best way you can.

Fear not a thing if you have not tried doing Zumba before or you have no skill in dancing at all. As with anything, practice will take you there. Start searching for Zumba lessons online and you will be flooded with results. This home exercise is easy to do and would give great cardio exercises which require no equipment at all. It is fun too if there are children around. They can just jump in on the dance and have fun themselves. This is an opportunity for everyone to bond while getting physically fit. It is all the more fun for people who like dancing. This can be their opportunity to shine by teaching everyone at home. 

Dance Aerobics

This is the prelude to Zumba classes. There was a time when everyone was into Aerobics that DVD classes were so common for every home. This is your chance to use that old player and look for those DVDs your mom have used to stay fit in the past. This will surely make even the seniors get on their feet and start sweating. To make this more fun and interesting for you and your family, dress up for the activity by bringing out those old school and colorful bands for the head, knees, and wrist. This has been the common get up when dance Aerobics became popular back in the day. Because of how far back it started, it is easy to distinguish this from Zumba wherein you mostly include exercise movement there. In Aerobics, you get to include classic dance movements as well, so start the 70s music and have everyone dance along.

Weight Lifting

Did you know that you can still do weight training at home, even if you do not have dumbbells and other weights? This is possible by making DIY weight using heavy objects such as water jugs, books, and bags of others. This can be useful for people who want to gain muscle and lose weight. 

As such, keeping a healthy diet is also challenging, especially that most people cannot take a trip to their grocery as freely as they used to before the countdown. Contrary to common fads, losing weight by not eating is not a healthy and safe way of achieving that goal. The health experts beyond Fintys, a fitness, and nutrition information website, stated that it can get easy to lose a healthy body because of how hectic daily lifestyle and routine is for most people that they resolve to the easy short cut. Incorporating a physical workout and maintaining a well-rounded diet is still the best way to lose weight and stay fit.

Circuit Training

This is for the people stuck with their friends and housemates who are used to going to the gym. Circuit training is possible for you if you have an allowable space where you can set up simple stations for various exercises. You can use the equipment available in your house but having none is fine as long as you are creative and are willing to use ordinary house items as makeshift exercise tools.

Circuit training means training in a circle. You have to put up a different exercise at a station, then everyone would rotate for each round. You have to perform each exercise to complete the whole routine. You can think of four to five sets of exercises that you would do for 2 minutes each with a minute or two minutes rest in between. Select exercises that will target different muscle groups in the body so you have a more holistic routine. Assign a timer and do this every other day or every day with your buddies to achieve that friendship goal even amidst lockdown.

Treadmill or Stationary Bike

If you have a treadmill at home that has become a kind of furniture due to lack of use, then dust it off and start running for a few hours a day. You can run while binge-watching your favorite series or create a workout playlist so you can run to a different tune every time to have variation in your running speed.

Even in lockdown, staying fit is achievable if you have the mindset. You can become creative in making it fun not only for you but for everyone you are with during this lockdown. No matter what your interest or body goal is, there is an appropriate home workout that you can try as a temporary way to exercise.