Although the pandemic took a toll on the world of professional sports, a lot happened during the past year. Thankfully, the necessity of isolation has been weakening and a lot of sports events were held after all. From the Olympics to numerous marathons across the globe. There are new champions, new gold medals, and new records. If you’ve been paying attention and were able to make some money off of all the competitions that took place this year. If you were just playing online pokies the whole time, we’ll brief you on the athletes who achieved the unbelievable in 2021. And it’s not an exaggeration in the slightest. 

Gudaf Tsegay

Gudaf has won six races this year and took a bronze medal at the Olympics. The biggest achievement she had this year was setting a new world record for running an indoor 1500 meters. She finished with an astonishing 3:53.09 breaking the previous record by 2 seconds. Although this is already a remarkable result for any athlete, Tsegay didn’t stop at setting only one record. Shortly after the first race, she went to France to set a national record for an indoor 800 meters that she finished in 1:57.52. She then moved on to longer distances of 5000 and 10 000 meters and won both races. Moreover, the latter was her debut, and she managed to set a record for the fastest debut. 

Bryce Hoppel

Bryce’s biggest achievement this year was setting a new American record for an indoor 1000 meters. He finished with an astonishing 2:16.27 back in February. He then qualified for the 800 meters at the Olympics this year and although he didn’t go home with a medal, he showed amazing results nonetheless. The athlete expressed his excitement about the rapid rise of his career. We are thrilled to see what he has to surprise us with in the future. 

Ellie Purrier

Ellie was the second ever Vermont woman to run the track in the Olympics. She finished at 10th place but did show remarkable results. At the beginning of the year, she also broke the American indoor two-mile record. She finished with a 9:10.28. Afterwards, she also won a 3000 meters race. 

Travon Bromell

Trayvon already has had a few gold medals in his career. He didn’t get one this year but became the fastest to run an outdoor 100 meters just last month. Not many of us expected him to show such results after coming in third in the Olympics semi-finals. This kind of turn leaves us wondering how he will impress us in the future. What other records are going to be broken by the 26 years old athlete? So many of us are now regretting placing bets against him. Sometimes, it’s best to turn away from the races and play more chilli pokies. As the season is closed, Travon has time to practice, and we have time to think about what results we will be anticipating from him next year. 

Elaine Thompson-Herah

Elaine is one of the strongest sprinters the world knows. This year she didn’t fail to prove why she holds the title. Not only she took the gold medal at the Olympics, but she did it rather gracefully. She finished the 100 meters with a 10.61. Not only she broke the Jamaican National record, but she set the new record in the history of the Olympics that was previously set in 1988. Elaine then moved on to the 200 meters tracks, where she took another gold medal while setting a new personal best time. 

TOKYO, JAPAN – AUGUST 03: Elaine Thompson-Herah of Team Jamaica celebrates after winning the gold medal in the Women’s 200m Final on day eleven of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games at Olympic Stadium on August 03, 2021 in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)

A little over a month after the Olympics she came in first in the Prefontaine Classic with the second fastest time in women race history. Elaine has made history but doesn’t cease to astonish us with her results. 

The season is over, so we’ll have to wait and see who will surprise us next year. It’s interesting to watch our favorite athletes prove their titles time after time and breaking a record after another. The records become less achievable decade after decade, but some still manage to break them. The farther we go, the more professional, devoted, and passionate the athletes competing for the titles become. There are reasonable factors that add to it, like the quality of the shoes, tracks, new training and nutrition programs, etc. Still, this leaves us wondering when will the last of the records be set? Who will become the unbeatable champion of the track?

It’s equally thrilling to see new names appear next to the “first place” titles. In anticipation of the next season, take a look at how the careers of the athletes we listed have been unfolding. These people are creating history, and we urge you to take advantage of the privilege you have to watch it happen right in front of you.