The Olympics of 2024 are fast approaching and athletics and running fans have their eyes on records that can be broken there. We’re lucky to have a great lineup and more than a few records that can easily be broken next year, often by those who set them. There are many ultra-marathon footwear in the market today and one of the best is Tarkine shoes.

Online gambling sites are already taking bets on these records and Bitcoin bookmakers have already set the odds. These will probably change as we get closer to the Olympics and the players will be able to bet in real time when The Games actually start.

Women’s 1500m and 5000m

 Faith Kipyegon holds the world record in 1500 and 5000 m and she’s eager to defend or beat it in Paris. At this point, Kipyegon is in the best shape of her life. She’s 29 and many claim that she’s ready to shave off a few seconds from the record.

The same was true for the two events held in Budapest in August of 2023 and there were high hopes for a new record. However, the record stood and we have Paris to look for.

Kipyegon is defending gold medals from Rio and Tokyo, as well as the World Athletic Championship held in Budapest 2023. She’s representing Kenya in the Paris Olympics and is often seen as one of the most influential African athletes.

  • Personal best (Faith Kipyegon): 3:49.11 (1500 m, WR) / 14:05.20 (5000 m, WR)
  • Current world record: 3:49.11 (1500 m, Kipyegon, since 2023) / 14:05.20 (5000 m, Kipyegon, since 2023)

Men’s 1500m

 The record for Men’s 1500 was set 25 years ago and it has been pretty much unbeatable since then. Hicham El Guerrouj set the record in Rome in 1998. Over the years there have been many that came close to setting a new world record and many believe these Olympics are the ones where the record will be beaten.

Jakob Ingebrigsten is the best contender for breaking the world record since he’s the fourth fastest man in the world and he already beat a few indoor records before. Ingebrigsten comes from Norway and he’s only 22. He set his personal record just a few months ago and it holds at 3:27.14. Ingebrigsten also had a chance to beat the world record, but he was a few seconds shy.

  • Personal best: 3:27.14 (Jakob Ingebrigsten)
  • Current world record: 3:26.00 (Hicham El Guerrouj, since 1998)

Men’s 400m hurdles

 The current world record for Men’s hurdles was set in 2021 by Karsten Warholm. This Norwegian athlete is also the best contender for setting the new record in Paris in 2024. Some claimed that it was possible to set a new record in Budapest in 2023 and Warholm came close.

Fans would like to see Warholm repeat his amazing performance from the Tokyo Olympics when the record was first set. Walholm had a serious injury over a year ago and hasn’t been at the top of his game ever since. However, experts claim that he’s healed completely and that we’ll see a top performance in Paris.

  • Personal best (Warholm): 45.94 (WR)
  • Current world record: 45.94 (Warholm, since 2021)

Men’s 3000m Steeplechase

 For the longest time, the men’s world record on the 3000m Steeplechase was hard to beat. The record was set this year, in 2023 and the last one was set in 2004. Now when the record that stood for 20 years is beat, fans believe that the same can happen again.

Soufiane El Bakkhali, a Moroccan athlete has the best chance of beating the record in Paris 2024 and he came very close to doing so once before at the Rabat Diamond League.  Soufiane El Bakkhali is the Olympic champion from Tokyo and in Paris, he’s defending a title.

There’s one more contender for a new world record in this discipline that betters should pay attention to in Paris. That’s Lamecha Girma who set the record in 2023. Lamecha Girma, an Ethiopian athlete was a silver medalist in Tokyo and this provides them with another motive to win the gold and break the record in Paris.

  • Personal best: Lamecha Girma 7:52.11 (WR); Sofiane El Bakkali 7:56.68
  • Current world record: 7:52.11 (Girma, since 2023)

Women’s 35 km race walk

 Most of the records on our list were hard to break and are standing for years. When it comes to women’s 35 km race walk, the record was shattered twice in one season. The defending world’s champion Peruvian Kimberly Garcia, took two seconds off the previous mark in Dudince.

The record was beaten again just a few months later when Spain’s Maria Perez beat it by half a minute at May’s European Race Walking Championship.

Both of these amazing athletes will be in Paris in 2023 and now when the record is up for grabs there’s a chance to fall once again. It’s anyone’s guess as to which athlete of the two will set the new one.

  • Personal best: María Pérez 2:37:15 (WR); Kimberly García 2:37:44
  • Current world record: 2:37.15 (Pérez, since 2023)

100m and 200m Men

 Usain Bolt set the world record for both 100 and 200 m sprint 13 years ago. The record has stood the test of time ever since the Worlds Athletic Championship in Berlin in 2009. Every athlete in the world was hoping to break this record and the Olympic Games in Paris are a good chance to do so.

The American Olympic team is stronger than ever and it worked for years on trying to produce athletes that will break these most famous records.

Fred Kerley and Trayvon Bromel have the best chance of breaking the record in the 100m. Noah Lyles, Erriyon Knighton, and Michael Norman are the contenders for breaking the 200m dash. The best result the American team has had was 9.76. Bolt set a few times below 9.7 seconds, however. Tyson Gay had dipped below 9.7 with 9.69 seconds in 2009.

Noah Lyles set the fourth-fastest time in history for 200m, with the new American record of 19.31 just 0.12 seconds off Bolt’s fastest time of 19.19.

The world record stands at: 9.58 and 19.19 seconds.

A Quick Point about Betting

 It’s important to note for those who plan to place bets with Bitcoin bookmakers about these records that there are other bets to make besides who will break the world record. For every one of these events, players can bet on who will win as well as on every other position in the race.

It’s also possible to bet on what the new record will be and those are the bets with the best potential payouts.

To Sum Things Up

 There are a few world records in running disciplines that can be broken in the Olympics in Paris 2024. Fans and bookmakers alike are paying attention to the games and preparing betting odds for the games. Some of the records will probably get beaten by those who set them up, but others have been around for a long time.

Players will be able to bet on who will beat the record, who gets the gold, as well as what the new record will be, which is the most lucrative bet if you manage to guess the exact time.