Running events are some of the most popular events in New Zealand and the rest of the world. One of many reasons for that is that these events are ideal for athletes, professionals, and ordinary people. 

It also makes betting on running events special and more user-friendly. Due to this combination, we can see a lot of gambling companies that can become sponsors of running events across the country. But which sponsors are those?

Link Between Gambling And Running Events

Here you need to know two main things. The first one is that the link of this kind at the moment could be stronger. Only a few gambling-related companies and organizations are present in the running realm. But the second thing is that this link has been growing for a long time and will continue to grow. 

The possibilities are endless. For instance, gambling companies can promote and sponsor running. Running events can bring more bettors and more users to the Deps betting agencies as well as increase the popularity of this sport. All of this is a mutual benefit and something you may have heard of. At the same time, we can see that both sides will grow together, which is another thing you need to know. 

One addition is that gambling companies can make gambling and betting safer. They can promote GamStop for issuance, which would have a huge, positive effect on all of this. Then we can see that this action will make running events and betting on those even more appealing. 

Potential Sponsors

Running events are so popular and so appealing that there are a lot of options and combinations when it comes to sponsors. Here we will focus on some of them that will most likely become future sponsors of running events. You have heard of all these brands due to their massive popularity all over the world. 

William Hill

Of all sponsors, William Hill is the most likely to start a partnership with running events in the near future. One of the main reasons is that this casino has been sponsoring horse racing events, other sports events, and even some running events. We can say here that the partnership will probably become even more popular and more pronounced shortly, and we like that. 

The company is owned by 888 casino, making this an even better and more appealing option. Keep in mind that the company has over 12000 people working around the clock to make online gambling and betting unique and more attractive. The annual revenue of this company is around 1.3 million EUR. 


This is the largest company of this kind, and it is the one that has been more than just commonly seen on the banners and T-shirts of sports teams. Some say that Bet365 will soon start to sponsor running events in the United Kingdom, but we don’t have that information. The company has been with us since 2000 and has an annual profit of over 2.9 billion EUR. It is the leader in online betting and so much more.

As such, sponsorship is an ideal combination and a way for the brand to get more users or bettors and run events to become more popular and more advanced. In addition, Bet365 has been known as one of the best providers for many years and has over 4000 people working behind the scenes. They have offices in all of Europe. 


Betfair is another company on the list that has huge potential in sponsoring sports events. It has been available since 2000 and is one of the leaders in the industry. The company is also known as the first to start sponsoring a football team in 2002. As such, it is not hard to see that the company may and probably will begin sponsoring running events in the country and later in the whole world.

Betfair offers sports betting, casino games, bingo, and much more. They are known as one of the most versatile brands in the business and one that has huge potential right now. The potential will grow, even more, considering that more and more people want to bet and gamble online. You can do all of that at Betfair.

The Final Word

These are just some of the gambling/betting giants in the online gambling realm that may become sponsors of sports soon. We can see many other examples and can only imagine the potential. The main advantage is that both parties will benefit from this partnership and raise it to entirely new levels. We can only wait and see how all of this will work in the real world soon.