One-armed bandits have been indispensable at $1 deposit casino Canada for a long time. Beginners and experienced gamblers can enjoy the one-armed bandits in brick-and-mortar casinos or online casinos. The games have been undergoing a digital revolution, boosting the amusement of the machines. They have also become easier to play, requiring no special skills.

You can set the reels in motion by pulling the lever on the side of the machine for a chance to bag cash. Scroll down to find out why one-armed bandits command gambling tides in most casinos.

History of One-Armed Bandits

One-armed bandits originated from San Francisco in 1898. They took almost a century to cross to other parts of the world.

In 1898, Fey introduced the ‘Liberty Bell’ machine with an automatic payment system. Thanks to the single-hand lever, the games became famous, adopting the nickname ‘one-armed bandit’. The game’s intriguing nature, which could take up much of gamblers’ time, also influenced the name.

The games’ machine worked after a player inserted a coin and pulled the lever those days. The winnings were unclear. In 1980, the games machines gained two more reels and replaced the lever with an arm.

With the arrival of the internet, the one-armed bandits got a fair share of modifications. They have been going through a drastic digital revolution, but the level of excitement possessed by the machines has remained constant over the years. Check some effective tips to increase your wins while gambling online.

Evolution of the One-Armed Bandits

The one-armed bandit games had continued to evolve since the late 1980s when they were allowed at land-based casinos. A spin button has replaced the arm, boosting the gameplays’ popularity.

Since the invention of the first electromechanical slot in 1964, gaming machines can take up to 500 coins and issue payouts.

You can now play the games in the comfort of your living room and win real money. All you need is a PC, tablet, or smartphone and a reliable internet connection.

More so, iGaming developers are also on top gear to gloom the gameplays with top-of-the-range twists and rewarding features. The list of games is also increasing, giving gamblers the liberty to play classic slow-paced games or modern fast action slots.

Still, Gamers have many chances to win different high-rewarding progressive jackpot prizes while enjoying variant gaming grid configurations.

One trait that has revolutionised the classic one-armed bandit to the modern slot machine is the transformation and diversification of the reels. Some games have three reels, while others have five or even more. Withal, the reels’ functions vary in that:

  • Rotating Reels: They spin the game’s screen at 90 degrees during a bonus round to award extra rewards.
  • Colossal Reels: They have two reel sets; the normal with 5×4 and the colossal with 5×12.
  • Reel Respins: They allow you extra chances to spin the reels after a win for another opportunity to win again.
  • Cascading Reels: They explode and replace symbols involved in forming a winning combination previously.

Playability of Online One-Armed Bandits

One-armed bandits are the top gameplay you can enjoy even when alone. All you’ll need is to sign up for a gaming account at a reputable site. You will also need to deposit some money to place real money wagers. The goal to win is to align at least three symbols on the paylines.

Before you start a betting session, it is wise you pick a game variant you deem enjoyable. You can choose a video, classic, 3D, penny, Vegas, among others. Next, set the paylines and coin ranges per line. This will vary based on the game you pick.

Afterwards, click the spin button to set the reels in motion. Wait for the result as you marvel at the game’s soundtrack. The reels will rotate, stopping to reward you every time a winning combination appears on the playing grid. More so, you will also collect free spins and rewarding symbols as the game progresses. If you are lucky, your winnings can skyrocket to earn you the jackpot prize. Learn also how people are forced to fight to the death in an elite gamble for their souls.

Features of One-Armed Bandits

The revolution of one-armed bandits’ machines has given rise to modern-day slot machines with diversified features. The games have varied designs, colours, and storylines. Top features you will find in most modern slot machines include:

  • Paylines: They are the base of the games that determine the prizes for each winning combination.
  • Scatters: They are unique symbols that trigger bonus rounds and free spins. They also have the potential to reward you with payouts and boost your chances of landing winning combinations.
  • Bonus Rounds: They are popular in 3D video slots and offer mini-games within the main gameplay. Gamblers get the option to collect multipliers, free spins, or even instant prizes.
  • Multipliers: They double or triple winnings but can multiply up to 1000 times, based on the game.
  • AutoPay: This feature lets you set several concurrent spins in motion instead of pressing the spin button every time the reels stop.
  • Wilds: They are among the most beloved features of modern machine games. They replace other symbols on the reels and offer a great way to land winning combinations faster. Popular wild features include:
Wild Feature  Function
Expanding Wilds They expand, turning all symbols on a reel into wilds after landing a winning combination.
Stacked Wilds Depending on the game, they appear in bunches with 2 to 5 symbols to cover an entire reel.
Shifting Wilds They move one spot on the reels, from top to bottom or left to right.
Sticky Wilds After appearing, they remain on the reels and can trigger several wins in a single gaming session.
Walking Wilds They appear during the base game or the bonus rounds to award prizes as they move around the reels.


The flexibility of One-Armed Bandit Themes

The one-armed bandit games have a fair share of modifications to make the machines flexible. Today, you can play games based on your preferred features or themes.

The level of excitement a gambler gets from the games remains the same, making it hard to stop the reels once they spin. Gamblers collect winnings automatically, which they can withdraw or re-stake and continue playing.

Playing One-Armed Bandit for Free

The twists on the modern one-armed bandits make the games popular and intriguing at the same time. iGaming developers give leeway to play the machines for free.

As it is, you can enjoy the games without risking a penny or signing up for a gaming account.

The free versions come in thousands to enable novice gamblers to glimpse the lucrativeness of gameplays. This means you can analyse a game’s volatility of a machine, which may be low, medium, or high, to dictate the frequency of winning.


The current changes on the one-armed bandits add a solid punch to your gameplay. The games are full of fun and rewards. Their high winning potential and jackpots payouts are alluring, not forgetting the unique features and bonuses that present gamblers with every reason to try their luck. Better still, each day sees new titles with diverse and immersive themes added to casinos.