Hello everyone,
I’m always unsure what to write about in blogs, so I think I will just update brett robinsoneveryone on my last few months and what I will be doing over the next few months, hopefully it won’t be too boring.

My season was pretty long but it was kind of broken up into 3 parts where in between I was able to get in some good training blocks at altitude, which helped me to keep running well throughout the season. This is what my season looked like:

– NSW 3km champs- 3rd 8.06 PB

– 2 weeks at Perisher training

– Zatopek 3km- 1st 8.04 PB

– 3 weeks at Falls Creek- here I got tonsillitis and spent the first two weeks sick and on antibiotics. Being this sick had a toll on my body, I became very brett robinsontired and wasn’t training as well as I had been before the new year. It took until February for me to realise that I hadn’t been 100%

– Hunter Track Classic- 7th 1.50.36 PB

– Graeme Briggs Classic- 3rd- 3.46.75

– Melbourne Track Classic- 11th 3.42.60- the week before I had been training and for some reason decided not to wear socks in a new pair of flats that I had, this resulted in a big blister that got infected, making me sick leading into the race. Still ran my 2nd fastest 1500m.

– 2 weeks at Falls Creek with Ryan “Australian Made” Gregson, Jack “Cracker” Bolas and Craig “Rowdy’ Miller

– Sydney Track Classic- 5th 3.40.41 PB- Straight off falls into a new PB

– NSW Championships 3000m Steeple-2nd 8.55 PB

– Australian Championships-

– 3000m Steeple- 2nd 8.52 PB

– 1500m Heat- 3rd 3.50 Q

– 1500m Final- 8th- 3.43- I ended up leading from the start. Not a position I am used to. I had people just lining up behind me and being my 3rd race brett robinson in 3 days I didn’t have much hope of going too well from the front, but I tried, I led to 1200m.
That was the end of my track season, overall I ran 6 PB’s in 4 events, I didn’t quite run as fast as I had hoped but will have more chances to do that. I spent 7 weeks at altitude which helped me to be able to run PBs right throughout the season and at the end of the season I didn’t feel like I had pushed the season too far. After a short break I was back into training, hard training, the most I had ever done and I feel like I have been getting through it really well, during this time I have had two races:
– Balmoral Burn- 6th- Ouch… The most lactic I have every been, my last 100m it felt like I was running like a Penguin, my feet were pointing outwards and my steps were about 20cm long.

– Leonora Golden Gift 4th- This was a really fast race with a very good field, I tried my best to win but just lost contact the last 150m but was beaten my some quality runners.

Now I am back to training, and on the 24th I am off to Europe to run my first European season (well a 6 week European season). I think 6 weeks will be a good length for my first time, I will be able to go over and see how guys like Ryan Gregson, Jeff Riseley and Collis Birmingham train and live brett robinsonwhile they are getting ready for big races and World Championships. Hopefully I will be able to learn from this trip and it will help me take my next big step in my running career. The best part of this trip is that it will get me out of the Canberra winter for a while, with some -7 degree mornings and snow forecast for this Wednesday I have my bags packed ready to go!
I have been lucky enough to be sponsored by New Balance for the last 6 months, they have brought out some new shoes that are excellent and I have really enjoyed wearing them, the shoes I wear are:

Long Runs- NB1080
Warm ups/ downs and long sessions- NB890
Racing Flats- NB1100
Spikes- MR800

Thanks For Reading!