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Prepare to be enthralled as the 2023 Golden Gala in Florence brings together a constellation of athletic stars for an unforgettable evening of sporting brilliance. Taking place on June 2, this third leg of the Diamond League series promises a captivating showcase of Olympic and world gold medalists, igniting the track with fierce competition and thrilling performances.
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Florence, Italy—In a moment that will be etched in the annals of sports history, Faith Kipyegon, the exceptional Kenyan athlete, has achieved a remarkable milestone by breaking the world record in the women's 1500m event at the Golden Gala meeting. Kipyegon's extraordinary performance in this race solidified her position...
The 2023 Portland Track Festival left spectators in awe as athletes delivered extraordinary performances and created unforgettable moments on the track. From stunning finishes to the rise of promising new talents, the event showcased the incredible depth and excitement of track and field. Amon Kemboi's impressive victory in the men's 1500-meter race, the inspiring comeback of Cole Hocker, and the exceptional achievements that shattered records across various events made the Portland Track Festival an unmissable spectacle.
Innsbruck, Austria - The 2023 Trail World Championships proved to be an exhilarating showcase of athletic prowess as Clémentine Geoffray from France and Stian Angermund from Norway emerged as the champions in their respective categories. Adding to the excitement, it was Team France's women and Team United Kingdom's men who secured top honors in the team race, further cementing their dominance on the trail.
Ky Robinson, a standout athlete from Stanford University, claimed a resounding victory in the men's 10,000m race at the highly anticipated 2023 NCAA Division I Outdoor Track & Field Championships. The thrilling event took place on Wednesday night at Austin's renowned Mike A. Myers Stadium, where athletes from across the nation gathered to showcase their skills.
Jakob Ingebrigtsen, a Norwegian sensation, broke the long-standing two-mile world record in a record-breaking performance that established his reputation in sporting history. The gifted runner accomplished this remarkable achievement at the Meeting de Paris athletics competition, which was held as a part of the prestigious Diamond League competition in France. Ingebrigtsen's incredible feat of speed and stamina cemented his status as the undisputed fastest man to finish the tough 3,218-meter race, with a finish time of 7 minutes and 54.10 seconds.
Melbourne, Australia; June 9, 2023 -  The next chapter of Australia’s storied legacy in endurance events is set to unfold as Athletics Australia announces a line up of marathoners and 35km racewalkers bound for the World Athletics Championships in Budapest, Hungary this August.
In a realm where time bows to tenacity, an extraordinary figure emerges, captivating hearts with an unwavering determination that defies the limitations of age. Meet Dag Aabye, an octogenarian ultramarathon runner and marvel who embarks on ultramarathons, shattering perceptions and inspiring all who witness his indomitable spirit.
Deng Fever is back, as the second fastest Australian to ever live clocked his quickest time in years (since 2018) in Strasbourg overnight. Deng finished second by a whisper to Mohammed Li Gouaned from Algeria.