Gary Cantrell, better known by his pseudonym Lazarus Lake, is a legend in the ultra-marathon world as the founder and race director of the Barkley Marathons. This race is infamous for its sheer brutality, and only a handful of people have ever completed the five-lap, 100-mile course within the time limit of 60 hours. Lake's eccentricity and unforgiving style have made him a cult figure in the running community, and his quotes are often seen as sources of inspiration, if not outright terror.
On Thursday, the Barkley Marathons in Morgan County saw three runners cross the finish line. Keith Dunn, who has provided live coverage for the event for many years, confirmed that Aurélien Sanchez, John Kelly, and Karel Sabbe completed the 2023 "world's toughest trail race" in less than 60 hours.
Hobart local Andrew Gaskell and Broome runner Sarah Ludowici have won an automatic entry onto the Australian team that competes at this year’s World Mountain and Trail Running Championships in Austria, after taking out the grueling 67km Ultra (Solo) event at this weekend’s kunanyi Mountain Run.
Ultra-Trail Australia. Australia's Ultra-Trail Australia is a festival of trail running, with a 100km main event and a shorter 50km race that serves as an introduction to ultra running. The 22km Pace UTA22 race is perfect for those looking for a taste of trail running, and there's even a 1km children’s race.
The third Black Canyon Ultras of the year are being held this weekend, sponsored by HOKA and managed by Aravaipa Running. It's going to be an exciting event with the promise of Western States Golden Tickets at the finish line and a stellar field of runners.
George Murray from New Zealand and Emily Gilmour-Walsh from Australia showcased their exceptional athletic prowess by clinching resounding victories at the highly anticipated UTA100 races, part of renowned Ultra-Trail Australia by UTMB event. These outstanding performances solidified Murray and Gilmour-Walsh's positions as formidable contenders, earning them prestigious recognition in the form of the UTMB Running Stone awards.
the Western States Endurance Run (WSER) has unveiled the eagerly awaited schedule and criteria for the 2024 Golden Ticket races. Celebrating its legacy as the oldest and most prestigious 100-mile race in the United States, WSER continues to evolve, attracting global attention and captivating the hearts of trail running enthusiasts. Let's dive into the thrilling details of the upcoming races that will determine who secures a golden opportunity to compete in this legendary event.
In the depths of midnight, precisely at the stroke of twelve, a lone figure found themselves midway between the second and third aid stations of the renowned Ultra-Trail Mt. Fuji (UTMF). This storied ultramarathon, the pinnacle of Asian trail running, had already witnessed 50 arduous kilometers conquered, leaving a formidable 115 kilometers yet to be surmounted. Amidst a sea of over 2,500 participants, our protagonist merged with a line of resolute runners, their collective determination piercing through the darkness.
Innsbruck, Austria - The 2023 Trail World Championships proved to be an exhilarating showcase of athletic prowess as Clémentine Geoffray from France and Stian Angermund from Norway emerged as the champions in their respective categories. Adding to the excitement, it was Team France's women and Team United Kingdom's men who secured top honors in the team race, further cementing their dominance on the trail.
Held just outside of Wartburg, Tennessee, the 2024 Barkley Marathons concluded with an amazing feat: five competitors finished the challenging course. notably, British Jasmin Paris has created history by becoming the first female competitor to complete this difficult race, clocking in at an astounding 59 hours, 58 minutes, and 21 seconds.